Hon Yasuhiro Nakasone

The Honourable Mr Yasuhiro Nakasone (May 27, 1918, Takasaki, Japan—November 29, 2019, Tokyo) was a Japanese politician who was leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP), Prime Minister of Japan, and founder of the APPF.

The Hon Nakasone graduated from Tokyo Imperial University (now University of Tokyo) before entering the Home Ministry in 1941. He joined the Tokyo Police Department after Japan’s surrender in 1945. He was first elected to the Lower House in 1947 and joined the LDP when it was established in 1955.

He succeeded in 20 Lower House elections, serving as a Japanese Diet member for 56 years and nine months - the longest post-war tenure, according to the secretariat of the Chamber.

A brief summary of Hon Nakasone’s career history is below:

  • 1918: Born in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture
  • 1941: Enters the Home Affairs Ministry
  • 1945: Joins the Tokyo Police Department after World War II
  • 1947: First elected to the Lower House
  • 1955: Joins Liberal Democratic Party
  • 1959: Given his first Cabinet post as Director-General of the former Science and Technology Agency
  • 1982: Becomes LDP Secretary-General and then succeeds Zenko Suzuki as Japan’s 71st Prime Minister
  • 1987: Steps down as Prime Minister
  • 1991: Re-joined the LDP as a senior advisor
  • 1997: Awarded the Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum
  • 2003: Retires from politics at the age of 85

The Hon Nakasone leaves behind a legacy both within Japan and on the international stage. He served as founding President and was unanimously re-elected multiple times before being conferred the permanent title of Honorary APPF President. He made great contributions to the development of international dialogue and cooperation, especially within the Asia-Pacific region.

Promoting regional cohesion, understanding and cooperation