Resolution on Application of the Doha Development Agenda


13th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
10-13 January 2005

Resolution on Application of the Doha Development Agenda


(Sponsored by Mexico and Viet Nam)

The 13th Annual Meeting of the Asia - Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Reaffirming the important role that the WTO plays in the promotion and strengthening of the multilateral trade system and observing with interest the results of the ministerial discussions of Doha about global trade liberalization;

Recognizing that the benefits of negotiations tending to consolidate a world trade system must be available for all members of the WTO;

Recognizing with pleasure the decision adopted by the WTO General Council of July 31, 2004, related to the Work Program of Doha, within the Framework for Establishing Modalities in Agriculture – known as the July package- that has substantially enabled solving the problem of agricultural subsidies;

Being aware, however, that the July package adopted by the WTO General Council on July 31, 2004, does not constitute a detailed agreement but rather reserves most of the decisions for future negotiations, without any specific time limit;

Recalling the goal and commitment of the WTO to balance the challenges and the equal perspectives of developing and developed countries to make a more equitable global trade system a reality;

Being aware that parliaments can perform substantial contributions to negotiations developed inside the WTO since they represent people power and may legitimately contribute to express the will of the people in international forums and to promote popular backing for international agreements;

Stressing that enhancing international cooperation and taking fully into account the existing different economic development levels between countries are important in current negotiations to ensure the Doha Round benefit all WTO members.


1. Urge the governments of the member nations of APPF which are also part of the World Trade Organization to make progress in substantive negotiations in all agreed areas of the July package (particularly on the three pillars of the negotiation defined in the Framework Agreement of July of 2004: elimination of subsidies to exports; substantial reduction of measures of internal support, sources of distortion of competition, and market access) preserving an adequate balance and equity in the development of world trade among developed nations and those being developed;

2. Reiterate the commitment of the APPF parliaments towards the promotion of an open, fair and balanced multilateral trading system based on accountable, inclusive and transparent rules, that will benefit in equal manner developing and developed countries and that will extend the possibilities of achieving real sustainable development and contribute significantly to reduce world poverty;

3. Recognize that in spite of the advances achieved, we must advance much more in areas not totally defined in the negotiations, so as to ensure a positive final result of the Doha Development Agenda, particularly for those nations being developed;

4. Urge the governments of our nations to provide extensive, detailed and sufficient information to our agricultural sectors about the results of the negotiations in that area, related with the so-called “three pillars”, as is established in the July 31, 2004 decisions and which are: access to all markets, national help and competition of exports.

5. Urge the parliamentarians of Asia Pacific countries through cooperation in regional and international inter-parliamentary mechanisms to be more active in promoting Doha Development Agenda and maintaining the momentum of the July package in order to create conducive conditions for a successful conclusion of the Doha Round;

6. Encourage Asia Pacific countries to enhance cooperation and consultation on an equal footing in trade liberalization negotiations in order to reduce trade barriers thus to facilitate economic reforms in developing countries and gradually narrow down the gap between developed and developing countries;

7. Encourage countries, particularly developed countries to open up their agricultural markets, reduce tariffs and non – tariff barriers and increase technical assistance to developing and least developed countries, so that enable them actively and effectively participate in Doha negotiations and facilitate their implementation of WTO rules and help them to adjust their economies;

8. Call for APPF members to ask their governments to support and assist Vietnam and the Russian Federation for their prompt accession to the WTO, through practical and specific measures.



Resolution on Application of the Doha Development Agenda

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