14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006


I. Political and Security Matters in the Asia-Pacific Region
1.1. Terrorism and Other Transnational Crimes
1.1.1. Simultaneous Bombings in Bali
1.2. Situation in the Korean Peninsula
1.3. Middle East Peace Process
1.4. Democratization in the Asia-Pacific Region
1.5. Strengthening Political and Security Cooperation

II. Economic and Trade Matters in the Asia-Pacific Region
2.1. Cooperation on Empowering Economy of the Developing and the LDCs;
2.2. APEC 2005: Report by South Korea
2.3. First East Asia Summit: Report by Malaysia
2.4. Sixth Ministerial Conference of the WTO in Hong Kong: Report by China
2.5. Strengthening Regional and Global Economic Cooperation

III. Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific
3.1. Disaster Management and Emergency Responses
3.1.1. Presentation by Indonesia on the Progress of the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Efforts in Nanggroe Aceh Darrussalam (NAD) and North Sumatra after the Tsunami Disaster
3.2. Energy Security
3.3. Combating Corruption
3.4. Promoting Women’s Participation in Politics and Economy
3.5. Poverty Alleviation and Millennium Development Goals
3.6. Socio-Cultural Relations
3.6.1. Dialogue among Civilization/Interfaith Dialogue
3.7. Civil Society and Good Governance
3.8. The Outcome of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: Report by Canada
3.9. Pandemic Disease (Avian Flu)

IV. Other Matters
4.1. Membership of North Korea in APPF (tentative)
V. Date and Venue of the 15th APPF
Adoption of Joint Communique



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