Report of the Executive Committee


14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006

Report of the Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee Meeting was held in the ASEAN 6 & 7 Rooms, Hilton Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, at 20.43 hrs, Sunday, 15 January 2006. This Meeting was chaired by H.E. Agung Laksono, President of the 14th Annual Meeting of APPF. Participants included representatives from the 8 Executive Committee member countries, namely, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
  2. Opening Remarks:
    In his welcoming speech, APPF President H.E. Agung Laksono expressed a warm welcome to all delegates to Indonesia. He informed the members that he would do his best to ensure the convenience of all delegates during their stay in Jakarta, and in this regard encouraged all delegates not to hesitate to ask for service of the Secretariat. He also wished the members to have a pleasant stay in Jakarta.
  3. Introduction of Executive Committee Member Countries:
    The President invited all heads of the delegations to introduce the members of the delegations.
  4. Canada informed the Committee that Canada will organize a sister conference on the 19th of April 2006 regarding Environment issues. Canada invited the members of the APPF to attend the conference.
  5. The Chairperson informed the Committee that 22 member countries and 1 observer country were able to attend the Annual Meeting of the APPF. However, five member countries, namely Colombia, Costa Rica, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, and Peru regretfully could not attend this year’s Annual Meeting.
  6. Fiji proposed the Committee to adopt the agenda as is. This proposal was seconded by Malaysia.
  7. The Committee decided to adopt the agenda as is.
  8. The Chairperson asked the approval of the Committee to welcome the participation of Asian Development Bank (ADB) in this Annual Meeting. The Chairperson was of the view that the participation of ADB will inject a new magnitude to the meeting and will also open a new opportunity for future collaboration between the APPF and the ADB. In the Chairperson’s view, the contribution of ADB is essential to the development efforts of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
  9. Fiji supported the view of the Chairperson adding that the presence of the ADB representative in the meeting would give a credit to the Forum. New Zealand seconded Fiji’s position.
  10. The Committee approved the participation of ADB.
  11. The Committee approved the proposal of the Chairperson on the nomination of the appointment of Chairs for the Plenary Sessions:
    Plenary 1 – will be chaired by Hon. Mr. Agung Laksono
    Plenary 2 – will be chaired by Hon. Mr. Abdillah Toha
    Plenary 3 – will be chaired by Hon. Mr. Simon Patrice Morin
    Plenary 4 – will be chaired by Hon. Mr. Sidharto Danusubroto
    Last Plenary will be chaired by the President, Mr. Agung Laksono
  12. The committee also approved the appointment of Hon. Mr. Marzuki Darusman as Chairperson of the Drafting Committee.
  13. The Committee approved the Chairperson’s proposal on a seven minute-limit for each speech presented by each delegation at the Plenary Sessions. The Committee also agreed that report presentation could exceed the seven-minute time limit. In case that a presentation prolongs, Chairperson of each Plenary Session will remind the concerned speaker and ask him or her to expedite the presentation.
  14. In regard to the dates and venue of the 15th APPF Annual Meeting, the Chairperson informed the Committee that Russia had submitted a request to host the 15th APPF Annual Meeting in the Russian Federation in 2007 as New Zealand withdrew their candidacy to host the 15th APPF Annual Meeting and requested its candidacy for the 16th APPF Annual Meeting in 2008.
  15. The Committee unanimously approved the Russian Federation’s proposal and fully agreed on the candidacy of New Zealand and concurred that this decision would be further endorsed at the 15th Annual Meeting of the APPF in Russian Federation in 2007.
  16. The Chairperson informed the Committee the request of the Delegation of Russian Federation to join the Executive Committee meeting. Upon the agreement of the Committee, the Chairperson invited the delegation to come into the meeting.
  17. In his short remarks, the Russian Delegate thanked the Committee for their support for the candidacy of Russia as the host for the 15th Annual Meeting and stressed that Russia would do its best to make the meeting a success.
  18. The Committee was informed that 8 countries have submitted 36 draft resolutions, these are :
    • Australia (3 drafts)
      On Poverty Alleviation and Millennium Development Goals; On Terrorism and Other Transnational Crimes; On Pandemic Disease (Avian flu)
    • Canada (2 drafts)
      On Cooperation for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response; On the Asia-Pacific Response to the Montreal Plan of Action of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
    • Indonesia (13 drafts)
      On Strengthening Regional and Global Economic Cooperation; On Terrorism; On the Middle East Peace Process; On Civil Society and Good Governance; On Combating Corruption; On Cooperation on Empowering Economy of the Developing and Least Developed Countries; On Pandemic Disease (Avian Flu); On Democratization in Asia-Pacific Region; On Poverty Alleviation and Millennium Development Goals; On Promoting Women’s Participation in Political and Economic Life; On Strengthening Political and Security Cooperation; On the Role of Parliament in Ensuring Energy Security; On Dialogue Among Civilization/interfaith Dialogue
    • Japan (6 drafts)
      On The Middle East Peace Process; On the Situation of the Korean Peninsula; On Economy and Trade; On Energy Security; On Terrorism; Joint Statement on Terrorist Bombing in Bali on 1 October
    • Korea (1 draft)
      On Denuclearization and Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula
    • Philippines (4 drafts)
      On Measures For Managing Challenges Posed by Urbanization and Mitigating its Negative Effects; On Trans-border Terrorism in The Asia- Pacific Region; On Cooperation for the Prevention and Eradication of the Avian Flu; On Enjoining All Country-Claimants of the Spratly Islands to Actively Participate in the Study on the Exploration of the Contested Islands for Mutually Beneficial Purposes, To Promote Peace in the Islands and Amity Among its Country Claimants
    • Mexico (6 drafts)
      On Strengthening of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Regime and Nuclear Weapon Free Zones Through Education for Peace; On Water and Sustainable Development; On Cultural Dialogue Among Civilizations; On Energy and Sustainable Development; On Fulfillment of the Doha Development Agenda; On Information Technology and Communications and Internet Governance
    • Russian Federation (1 draft)
      On Energy Security
  19. The Chairperson expressed his grateful appreciation and hoped that meeting would be constructive and give positive contributions to the work of the APPF and the nations in the Asia-Pacific region. The meeting was adjourned at 21:20 hours.


Jakarta, 15 January 2006.



The Abduction Issue
 On the issue of the abduction of the Japanese nationals by the DPRK, the Japanese delegation at the 14th, following 11th, 12th, and 13th annual meetings, having emphasized the humanitarian nature and urgency regarding this issue and requested firm support and cooperation of the APPF member countries for the early solution of this issue.

Member countries expressed their great sympathy for the predicaments of the victims and their families and their desire that this issue be solved as soon as possible.


Report of the Executive Committee

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