Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process


14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006

Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process


(Sponsored by Japan and Indonesia)

The 14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Convinced that achieving a final and peaceful settlement of the issue of Palestine is imperative for the attainment of comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East;

Hoping that the Palestinians and Israelis affirm and act on the roadmap vision for two states solution to the conflict, continue with their struggle in solidarity to establish a Palestinian state that lives side-by-side with Israel in peace;

Recalling the resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council and the 13th APPF resolution on the issue of the Middle East (APPF-13/RES/ 04);

Deeply concerned by the tragic events that continue to take place, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries;

Welcoming the successful completion of the withdrawal of the Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip and parts of the northern West Bank in September and commending the courage and determination of the Government of Israel;

Welcoming that Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed on reopening of the Border Crossing of the Gaza Strip on 15 November, and according to this, the Rafah checkpoint crossing the border of the Gaza Strip and Egypt reopened on 25 November;

Expressing support for the Middle East peace process and the efforts to reach a final and lasting settlement between the Israeli and Palestinian sides as quickly as possible; and


1. Strongly urge the Israeli and the Palestinian sides to enhance their efforts—and in particular to exercise mutual self-restraint—to achieve an immediate cessation of the chain of tragic violence and to take all necessary steps— including a commitment by both sides to the Roadmap for peace and the cessation of Israel’s construction of the barrier in occupied Palestinian territories, including in and around East Jerusalem—required to ensure that violence ceases immediately and that new provocative actions by either party and by any other parties are avoided, in order to promote the prospects for the Middle East peace process;

2. Affirm again the recognition of an independent, democratic, and viable Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbours are essential elements for a permanent peace and call upon Israel and the Palestinian Authority to establish the condition to enable the creation of a peaceful and viable environment;

3. Seek the active cooperation and tangible support of Gulf nations and strongly call upon all APPF countries to continue to extend as much support and cooperation as possible to the Middle East peace process.

4. Stress the importance of political and civil rights for all citizens of the Middle East and support a fair and inclusive Palestinian legislative election.


Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process

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