Resolution on Strengthening Regional and Global Economic Cooperation


14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006

Resolution on Strengthening Regional and Global Economic Cooperation


(Sponsored by Indonesia)

The 14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,
Noting the rapid development of international economic and political cooperation,

Acknowledging the greater interdependency among states within and between regions and that states must cooperate to advance its development,

Acknowledging that each country seeks to develop its economy through a course that maximizes all of its potentials and opening trade relations with other states,

Noting with concern that protectionist measures are still prevalent and proliferating which undermine international efforts to strengthen the multilateral trading system,

Convinced of the need for international cooperation in order to create and regulate fairer international trade through economic liberalization and information technology in order to achieve more equitable distribution of wealth amongst states,

Convinced of the primacy of the multilateral trading system to increase economic growth, development and job creation,

Underlining the importance of Regional Trading Arrangements and Free Trade

Arrangements (RTAs/FTAs) to trade and investment liberalization,


Reiterate that globalization and regionalism are both a process of economic liberalization that has occurred simultaneously and not contradictive towards each other, and that regionalism is developed to stimulate economic growth between states based on geographic proximity in order to simplify its arrangements;

Have a conviction that all frameworks of regional cooperation have the ultimate objective of increasing the welfare of the people and achieving sustainable economic growth;

Agree that opening to international trade and investment result in increased output and trade;

Further agree that regional economic integration will gradually increase competitiveness and that domestic industries will need time to adjust to the new conditions;

Reiterate the constructive role that RTAs/FTAs can play in liberalizing trade and investment and accelerating the multilateral trading system process through its positive flow-on effect;

Encourage that the development of RTAs/FTAs should be World Trade Organization consistent, comprehensive, and transparent;

Support free and open trade and investment in the region to encourage and strengthen world trade and investment liberalization and that regional arrangements must not be an inward-looking trading bloc.


Resolution on Strengthening Regional and Global Economic Cooperation

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