Resolution on Fulfillment of the Doha Development Agenda


14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006

Resolution on Fulfillment of the Doha Development Agenda


(Sponsored by Mexico)

The 14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum:

Recalling the 13th APPF Resolution on application of the DOHA Development Agenda (APPF 13/RES/11);

Recognizing the role of the WTO in promoting the strengthening of the multilateral commerce system and appraising the results of Doha Ministerial discussions on global commercial liberalization because of the decision adopted by the WTO General Council of July 31, 2004, related to the Work Program of Doha, within the Framework for Establishing Modalities in Agriculture – known as the July Packagewhich was able to make progress in solving the problem of agricultural subsidies;

Conscious that through it, the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, celebrated in Hong Kong last December, concluded with a general agreement to assure the elimination of all types of agricultural subsidies for exportation with an equivalent effect to be completed by the end of 2013, which should be specified in future negotiations;

Recognizing that the declaration points out that the convened date is conditional and in order to fulfill the agreement, subsidies to exportation covered in credits, food assistance and sales made by the State’s exporting companies should be avoided;

Considering the outcomes of the IPU Parliamentary Conference on the WTO celebrated within the framework of the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the WTO in Hong Kong;

Knowing that the failure of reaching total and definite agreement in agricultural issues could have a negative effect on all members of the WTO, especially in developing countries and the poorest sectors of developed countries if the periods of time and terms for future negotiations established in the Sixth Ministerial Declaration are not met;

Recalling the WTO objective and commitment to balance the challenges and perspectives of both underdeveloped and developed countries in order to make a more equitable global commerce system become a reality;


1. Call APPF parliaments to recognize the importance of concretizing negotiations on agricultural subsidies in terms and times stated in the Ministerial Declaration of Hong Kong in order to prevent the generation of unequal growth that escalates differences between developed and developing nations and the formation of distortions in markets that could affect the food security of our nations.

2. Recognize that, in spite of advances made, progress must be made in poorly defined areas of negotiations in order to assure a positive result of the Doha Agenda.

3. Exhort governments of nations forming part of the APPF to supply sufficient, detailed, ample information to our agricultural sectors on the results of negotiations in that sector, as consigned in the Ministerial Declaration of Hong Kong.

4. Recognize the commitment of APPF parliaments to supervise, from the legislative power perspective, considering the Declaration from the Parliamentary Conference on the WTO promoted by the IPU and the European Parliament, particularly negotiations that our governments develop in the World Trade Organization, and particularly the terms and times for future negotiations on agricultural subsidy issues established by the 2005 Ministerial Declaration, keeping the original WTO objectives in mind at all times, as established in the
Marrakech Agreement.

5. Call for APPF members to ask their governments to support and assist Viet Nam and Russian Federation for their prompt accession to the WTO, through practical and specific measures.



Resolution on Fulfillment of the Doha Development Agenda

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