Resolution on Water and Sustainable Development


14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006

Resolution on Water and Sustainable Development


(Sponsored by Mexico)

The 14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum:

Conscious that water is the basic element for life on the planet and a natural resource that determines well-being, prosperity and social and global stability,

Knowing that water is a renewable resource that is essential in satisfying human needs, such as health, food production and the preservation of environmental balance,

Concern because pollution of global water resources and deterioration of the quality of fresh water for human consumption in conjunction with increased consumption around the world is causing it to become scarce in some regions of the world,

Recognizing that developing nations lack the capacity to develop and implement policies for handling, conserving and taking advantage of water for human consumption, which has resulted in more than one billion two hundred million people around the world not to have drinking water in spite of the abundance of this liquid on the planet,

Recognizing the need to preserve the environment and natural ecosystems as one way of preserving global hydrological balance and prevent the scarcity of water from becoming a factor that limits sustainable development,

Knowing that one of the Millennium Development Goals is to reduce the percentage of people who lack sustainable access to drinking water by half for 2015,

Remembering that the United Nations declared 2003 as “International Year of Fresh Water”, recognizing the importance of this vital liquid and the need to use it rationally and adequately in a general effort to promote social development and preserve global environment,

Knowing that the 4th World Water Forum will be held in Mexico from March 16 to 20 of 2006, and that it represents a significant opportunity to ratify global commitments on water conservation and utilization in the framework of Millennium Development Goals,


1. Recognize that the preservation and conservation of water for human consumption is indispensable in order to ensure social development and quality of life for our peoples, especially in issues of health and the growing of sufficient food

2. Recognize the need for parliamentarians in the Asia-Pacific area to promote the environmental legislative initiatives needed to conserve and protect aquatic ecosystems from a perspective that recognizes the importance of interaction between vegetation, lakes, rivers and the environment, and their impact on the formation and preservation of water deposits for human consumption.

3. Promote, from our parliaments, an increase in technical and financial cooperation for conservation and environmental protection issues, especially water reserves for human consumption, promoting the transferal of technology and the development of technical and institutional capacities among the region’s developed and developing nations.

4. Call to the parliaments of the Asia Pacific region to contribute actively and give detailed follow-up on work done by the United Nations in the framework of the 4th World Water Forum, which will take place in Mexico in March of 2006, as well as their conclusions and resolutions.



Resolution on Water and Sustainable Development

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