Resolution on Poverty Alleviation and Millennium Development Goals


14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006

Resolution on Poverty Alleviation and Millennium Development Goals


(Sponsored by Indonesia and Australia)

The 14th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Reaffirming the strong commitment of APPF members on poverty alleviation adopted by the 13th meeting of the APPF in which APPF parliamentarians pay due attention to poverty alleviation in various fields; and to all resolutions on poverty alleviation that have been adopted to date by the United Nations;

Underlining the commitments of international community on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) particularly emphasizing the importance of significant reduction of the number of people who currently live on one dollar a day or less by 2015;

Reaffirming commitments to strengthen cooperation between the United Nations and national and regional parliaments to further all aspects of the Millennium Declaration in all fields of the work of the United Nations and ensuring the effective implementation of the United Nations reform, stated in paragraph 171 on the outcome UN World Summit 2005;

Underline the commitments made by the Asia and Pacific countries at the Regional Ministerial Meeting on Millennium Development Goals to promote regional cooperation and partnership to achieve targets of MDGs;

Aware that all the issues around poverty are interconnected and demand crosscutting solutions, which can have multiple benefits that extend beyond specific assistance;

Acknowledging that MDGs are the most broadly supported, comprehensive, and specific poverty alleviation targets the world has ever established so their importance is manifold including finding solutions to hunger, malnutrition and disease;

Reaffirming the need for the richer countries as partners of the developing countries to have political and financial commitment to reach this goal as recommended by the UN;


1. Urge APPF parliamentarians to work closely with their governments in promoting good-governance and the rule of law, actively engage and empower civil society, promote entrepreneurship and active role of the private sector, mobilize domestic resources, and enhance focus of aright-based social and economic policy.

2. Encourage APPF member countries to achieve sustained and broad-based economic growth and to continue strengthening their national policy on poverty reduction focusing on human resources initiatives.

3. Encourage APPF parliamentarians to take active role through cooperation with developed countries regarding effective mechanism on ODA, trade access and debt for MDGs swap, particularly for low-income countries and improve ODA quality, which include harmonized, predictable, grant based budget aid.

4. Urge APPF parliamentarians to work closely with their governments in promoting market liberalization as committed in the Doha trade round and increase export competitiveness through investments in relevant sector.

5. Call on the United Nations and its relevant agencies to continue their role and contribution for poverty reduction in the achievements of Millennium Development Goals.


Resolution on Poverty Alleviation and Millennium Development Goals

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