Resolution on Good Governance and Civil Society


14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-20 January 2006

Resolution on Good Governance and Civil Society


(Sponsored by Indonesia)

The 14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Underlining that the development of civil society is a strategic measure in building a political landscape towards good governance;

Affirming that APPF must have a commitment to protect civil society’s autonomy, as an integral part of democracy in support of all efforts to establish good governance;

Also affirming that civil society must work in the interest of the nation and reflect the common wishes of the people and contribute to the harmony of the society;

Convinced that civil society has been widely seen as an increasingly essential factor for strengthening popular empowerment, reducing the unsettling effects of market forces, enforcing political accountability and improving the quality and inclusiveness of governance,

Reaffirming strong commitment of member states of APPF to create circumstances conducive to creating synergy between civil society empowerment and good governance;

Valuing the development of constructive cooperation networking among civil societies existing in each country in the context of establishment of good governance;

Acknowledging that democratization process of political systems at local and national levels are fundamental to strengthening civil society in the context of good governance;

Convinced of the importance of capacity building within societies through the enhancement of education, as well as economic and in the process of public policy making through democratic political system;

Reiterating that consensus taken by member states of APPF in establishing a conducive environment for autonomous participation of individual citizens in the activities and agenda of development, will have positive effects to strengthening the role of civil society including empowerment of good governance values;


1. Support the APPF Members to continuously evaluate the roles played by civil society in the implementation of its agenda including the empowerment of good governance values;

2. Encourage each Member of APPF to create a conducive political environment to the development of civil society that should be in line with the principles of independence and sovereignty adopted by civil society, in order to ensure that their activities are carried out for the creation of good governance;

3. Emphasize all member countries of APPF to build awareness among the civil society on relevant issues relating to the promotion of democratic governance to ensure the civil society’s role in strengthening good governance;

4. Note the importance of maintaining autonomy and independency of civil society to avoid interference in favor of the interests of corporation, foreign donor institution, and governmental political elites in their respective country in the process of strengthening civil society to the realization of good governance.



Resolution on Good Governance and Civil Society

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