15th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
22-25 January 2007


1. Political and Security Matters
1.1. Strengthening Political and Security Cooperation
1.2. Combating Terrorism, Illegal Drug Traffic and Organized Crime
1.3. Ways of Strengthening Peace and Development of Cooperation in the North East Asia
1.4. Middle East Pease Process
1.5. Securing Peace and Stability in the Asia-Pacific Region: Way Towards Multi
Polar World

2. Economic and Trade Matters in the Asia-Pacific Region
2.1. Strengthening Regional and Global Economic Cooperation
2.2. Energy Security
2.3. APEC 2006
2.4. Parliamentary Aspect of Trade and Economic Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region within WTO

3. Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region
3.1. Dialog of Civilizations and Interfaith Dialog
3.2. Cooperation in Disaster Management and Emergency Responses
3.3. Transport Logistics
3.4. Cooperation in the Field of Ecology and Health, Combating Epidemics
3.5. Information Technologies and Education

4. Future Work of APPF
4.1. Measures to Increase APPF Role as the Inter Parliamentary Organization and to Promote the Cooperation with Other International Organizations
4.2. New Members of APPF (if any non-member country applies)
4.3. Date and Venue of the 16-th Annual Meeting of APPF

5. Adoption of Resolutions and Joint Communique



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