Resolution on Cooperation in Disaster Management and Emergency Response


15th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
21-26 January 2007

Resolution on Cooperation in Disaster Management and Emergency Response


(Sponsored by Indonesia and Russian Federation)


Expressing condolences and sympathy to those who suffer significant human, social and economic losses and damages from the unprecedented tsunami disaster and earthquake as well as typhoons, cyclones/hurricanes, floods and landslides in various Asia Pacific countries;

Deeply concerned about the additional socio-economic burden they have to bear, due to the number, scale and impact of natural disasters and other disaster situations;

Bearing in mind that critical need may come up for mutual assistance in the mitigation of the effects of natural disasters and for quick action to rescue and help victims of natural disasters invoking the spirit of mutual help and cooperation;

Welcoming the timely and extraordinary contribution made by the international community to help areas affected by natural disasters with humanitarian assistance and the solidarity, brotherhood, sense of humanity, kind support and constructive cooperation shown by it;

Reaffirming that humanitarian assistance must be provided in accordance with the principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality;

Aware of the importance and the constructive nature of the activity of institutes and mechanisms created by the countries of the region to enhance preparedness and support the efforts of affected countries to mitigate and respond to natural disasters in all their phases and to reduce loss of life and other social, economic and global environmental assets;

Recognizing the need for appropriate and people-centered early warning and the spreading of information and disaster management plans at all levels, including at the concrete community level, which has so far obtained only few attention from the international community and national governments;

Noting the importance of the availability of funds in the region for immediate disbursement, and the appropriateness of contributions to support timely and effective responses to humanitarian emergencies and international efforts to increase the pool of resources available;

Bearing in mind that major natural disasters affecting one of economies canalso affect other countries;

Recalling that the national sovereignty, territorial integrity of states must be fully respected in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations; and in this context, the consent of the affected country and in principle on the basis of an appeal by the affected country must be taken into account in providing humanitarian assistance;


1. Reaffirm that it is the primary responsibility of states to protect the people and property on their territories from natural disasters;

2. Stress the significance of developing and strengthening institutions, mechanisms and capacities at the sub-national, national, regional as well as the international levels to support community capacities to reduce disaster risk;

3. Call on all regional and international institutions such as the UN bodies, ARF, SCO, APEC bodies to conduct close coordination and co-operation on disaster management and emergency response;

4. Encourage member countries to support and complement existing regional and international institutions on disaster management and emergency response in risk identification and monitoring, disaster prevention and preparedness, emergency response and disaster relief, and capacity building.

5. Note the significance and necessity of enhancing the planning and organization methods, evaluation of efficiency of the work done, consistent analysis carried out by the governments of the countries hit by natural disasters, UN, international and regional financial institutions, other organizations of the outcomes of the efforts taken for minimization of their impacts, identification of flaws and defining specific for each case systems of priorities in organizing restoration works, consistent updating of respective national data bases;

6. Appeal to the governments of the countries in Asia-Pacific region and to call upon them to extend cooperation in such areas as counteracting natural disasters, development of a risks reduction strategy, in particular in regard to warning, preparedness for responding to disasters, building multi-level national warning systems to be integrated in the national development programs to enhance the ability of the population to reduce the risks of natural disasters for their personal security, safety of housing, the socioeconomic infrastructure and natural resources;

7. Emphasize the necessity for the countries in the region to develop cooperation in training national staff and responding to natural disasters in general;

8. Find the initiative of the Russian Federation to set up an International Agency for Emergencies under the auspices of the UN timely and relevant;

9. Call the countries of the Asia-Pacific region to extend their support for the Asian Disaster Prevention Center;

10. Welcome the recent initiative in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for Cooperation to set up an Asian regional center for counteracting natural disasters and mitigation of consequences of emergencies;

11. Affirm that the parliaments of all APPF member countries are ready to continue their efforts in rendering necessary assistance to the countries hit by natural disasters.


Resolution on Cooperation in Disaster Management and Emergency Response

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