Resolution on International Migration and Development


15th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
21-26 January 2007

Resolution on International Migration and Development


(Sponsored by Mexico, Indonesia, Chile, China)


Underlining the importance of addressing the promotion and protection of rights of migrant workers as a global issue.

Recalling the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Familias.

Recalling as well the Resolution on Protection of Migrants, adopted by acclamation by the Sixtieth Session of the UN General Assembly, proclaiming that all immigration policies and initiatives, should promote integral proposals considering causes and consequences of this phenomenon, as well as the total respect for migrants’ human rights.

Recognizing that as a result of globalization, States, societies, economies, and cultures in different regions of the world are increasingly more integrated and interdependent.

Knowing that there are approximately 200 million international migrants; more than twice the number registered 25 years ago, according to the calculations of the Global Commission on International Migration.

Observing that these international human movements respond essentially to motivations associated to a search for better living conditions and expectations for economic benefits though there are other factors involved as well, such as violence and armed conflicts.

Underlining that as long as the international migration increases in magnitude, so do its repercussions in the economic, social, and political areas of most countries.

Considering that while circulation barriers on free capital and goods are being increasingly eliminated, in countries receiving emigrants there is strong border protection and erection of obstacles to prevent the arrival of workers attracted by the employment demand.

Reaffirming the sovereign right of States to take measures they deem appropriate to ensure the safety of their borders in the context of their international law obligations, including human rights law.

Recognizing that, by its nature, international migration leads inevitably to greater ethnic and cultural diversity within countries, which provide benefits and also challenges for receiving States.

Condemning vehemently all manifestations of racism, discrimination, and xenophobia against all migrants and their families.

Convinced that our objective should be to reconsider trade liberalization processes toward transforming globalization into a positive force for all world habitants, as expressed by the UN Millennium Declaration.

Underlining that contemporary international migration can no longer be approached as an isolated “issue”. It must be considered as a process to be channeled globally. Properly channeled migration can be a positive factor for individuals, businesses and societies.

Recognizing that the global implications this phenomenon represents for our countries require actions and commitments with the outside world – particularly with neighboring regions and countries – which, in the framework of international cooperation might be guided by the principle of shared responsibility.


Call on all parliamentarians and governments of the Asia-Pacific region to:

1. Recommend governments, which have not yet done so, consider signing and ratifying the International Convention on Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers and Their Families.

2. Effectively protect human rights and basic freedoms of all immigrants regardless of their nationality and migratory status.

3. Implement their migration laws and policies with consideration of the human rights of migrants and their families, regardless of nationality and migratory status in accordance with International Conventions.

4. Comply effectively with labor legislation, particularly the section on migrant working conditions, remuneration, and hygiene and safety conditions, in conformity with domestic laws.

5. Encourage the establishment of financial transfer mechanisms that lessen the corresponding rates for sending remittances and neutralize any measure that restricts these invaluable resources for millions of people.


Resolution on International Migration and Development

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