Resolution on Strengthening Transport and Logistics Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region


15th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
21-26 January 2007

Resolution on Strengthening Transport and Logistics Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region


(Sponsored by the Philippines)


Recalling the Vancouver Declaration of 1997 specifically Item 2: Economy, the Resolution on Economy and Trade in the 14th Annual Meeting of the APPF (APPF-14/Res/10) and the Resolution on Strengthening Regional and Global Economic Cooperation (APPF-14/Res/09);

Recognizing that the Asia Pacific Region is experiencing increases in trade volume brought about by reduced trade barriers and developing economies;

Recognizing the efforts being undertaken by Asia Pacific countries to modernize and expand their transport and logistics facilities and capacities;

Acknowledging that the transport and logistics capabilities of the developing countries of the Asia Pacific will still need to further improve at a much faster rate to meet the expected surge of trade volume brought about by the proliferation of free trade areas (FTAs) and regional free trade areas (RTAs);

Noting that transport and logistics requirements are constantly adapting to the needs of the ever-changing global market;

Convinced of the importance of transport and logistics networks as key catalysts in economic development and international competitiveness;

Aware of the necessity of having a speedy and time definite delivery of raw materials and goods in the today’s just-in-time manufacturing process;

Underlining the importance of current efforts in coordinating the evergrowing transport and logistics networks of the Asia Pacific Region;


1. Render strong support in efforts that would strengthen transport and logistics cooperation among APPF countries as well as the entire Asia Pacific Region;

2. Call upon all APPF countries to enhance current agreements on transport and logistics cooperation complementing the steps taken towards economic integration in the Asia Pacific;

3. Welcome the assistance of partner countries in developing the transport and logistics infrastructure and networks in less-developed areas of the region;

4. Call on parliaments to support the regional efforts in enhancing multimodal transport linkages and interconnectivity, while promoting the safe and speedy transport of people and goods;

5. Call on governments to work towards achieving faster customs clearances and simplified customs procedures;

6. Encourage APPF countries to prioritize efforts in strengthening and enhancing transport and logistics cooperation with a view of achieving a speedy and smooth flow of goods and people in the Asia Pacific Region.


Resolution on Strengthening Transport and Logistics Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region

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