16th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
21-24 January 2008


Adoption of chairpersons of plenary sessions and Drafting Committee
Introduction of delegations

1 Political and Security Issues
1.1 Situation in the Korean Peninsula
1.2 Institution building in the Asia Pacific

Include reports/ briefings on
1.3 Cluster Munitions
1.4 Good Governance
1.5 Middle East Peace Process

2 Economic and Trade Issues
2.1 Climate change and sustainable development
2.2 Energy security
2.3 International and regional trade developments
2.3.1 The South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation
2.4 Science and Technology

3 Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region
3.1 Disaster preparedness & Pandemic disease
3.2 Interfaith dialogue and Alliance of Civilisations
3.3 Promoting women’s participation in politics and the economy
3.4 Issues of long-term concern to the region:
3.4.1 Demographic change
3.4.2 Water management
3.4.3 Human rights
3.4.4 Poverty alleviation
3.4.5 Treatment and protection of migrant workers

4 Future Work of the APPF
4.1 Date and venue of the 17th Annual Meeting
4.2 Measures to increase the role of the APPF as the inter- parliamentary organisation and promote cooperation with other countries
Adoption of Resolutions and the Joint Communiqué



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