Resolution on Climate Change and Environment



21 – 24 January 2008, Auckland, New Zealand

Resolution on Climate Change and Environment


(Sponsored by Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and New Zealand)


Recognising the fundamental objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, and the common but differentiated responsibilities, and welcoming the endeavors of the international community through such forums as the Bali Roadmap agreed in December 2007, the Sydney APEC Summit of 2007, the third East Asia Summit, the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, and the G8 Heiligendomm Summit;

Noting that climate change and environmental problems are global and potentially the most severe challenge for all humankind, and that we, the countries of Asia Pacific, one of the world's most prosperous regions, are determined to make an effort to address such problems;


  1. That the 16th Annual Meeting of the APPF call on each of the participating countries to adopt an action plan and establish its own targets for after 2012 to reduce the imminent threat of climate change;
  2. That the APPF countries fully support the efforts to establish an effective international framework beyond 2012 under UNFCCC in which all countries participate based on the Bali Road map;
  3. That APPF member states maximise public awareness about the cause and consequences of climate change, and inform the public of the personal, local, national and international action plans that are being developed to combat climate change;
  4. That APPF member countries call on their governments to develop and implement programs that will reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and green house gas production. These programs should be focused on the use of clean energy and alternative energy sources such as wind, geothermal, solar hydro and biofuel options;
  5. That any use of alternative sources of energy does have a net positive impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases and must not harm other aspects of the economy and particularly the existing ecosystem;
  6. To encourage APPF member countries to ensure that biofuel is produced and used sustainably, taking into account an adequate balance between food security and biofuel production;
  7. That all APPF member states be called upon to inform and update other member countries of any and all environmentally sound technology. This technology should be shared and transferred between the countries, and particularly from developed countries;
  8. That APPF recommend that participating countries of APPF develop internationally acceptable standards and systems of acceptable calculation of greenhouse emissions, and that these standards are to be used as a basis for regional policy development on climate change actions;
  9. That the APPF members call on their governments to enhance cooperation between nations in economic and social development. A particular emphasis should be placed on developed countries to improve the economic well-being of developing countries and assist in environmentally sensitive and sustainable development;
  10. To support the undertaking of all APPF participants to strengthen cooperation to address the issue of illegal logging and to encourage forest conservation, reforestation and rehabilitation;
  11. To call on the APPF member countries to support the Coral Triangle Initiatives and the forthcoming World Ocean Conference in Manado, Indonesia, in 2009.


Resolution on Climate Change and Environment

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