Resolution on Natural Disaster Reduction



21 – 24 January 2008, Auckland, New Zealand

Resolution on Natural Disaster Reduction


(Sponsored by Mexico and Russia)


Recognizing that there has been an increase in the number of natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific region, including floods, cyclones, earthquakes, droughts, storm surges, tsunamis and haze;

Reaffirming that activity aimed at natural disaster reduction must become an inalienable element of the policies of governments in the region;

Agreeing that the goal of such government activity is to provide stability in society in relation to dangerous acts of nature and associated man-made and environmental disasters, so as to limit environmental, human, economic and social losses;

Bearing in mind that, according to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), during the period from 1990 to 2003 the economic loss caused by these disasters exceeded US$380 billion, with typhoons/floods and earthquakes accounting for 57 percent and 3 7 percent respectively;

Being deeply concerned about the loss of human lives as a consequence of natural disasters, and the high economic and social costs caused in the region;

Recognising that the damage caused by natural disasters hinders the economic growth and development of nations affected by natural disasters;

Making it obvious that tackling climate change is a key challenge for the Asia­Pacific region as far as the protection of their inhabitants as well as the development of their economies;

Noting with satisfaction. that on account of past disasters, policy-makers have become more aware of the need to reduce exposure to dangerous acts of nature;

Noting at the same time, however, that the practical mechanisms and guiding principles are either still missing or not efficient enough:

Distressed by the impact that climate change has had on the increase of the frequency and intensity of natural hazards;

Remembering that in the Pusan Declaration of the ministerial meeting of APEC which took place in South Korea in 2005, the economic leaders committed to applying joint measures for the prevention of natural disasters as well as to protect affected populations;

Remembering the Hyogo Declaration of 2005 and the Hyogo Action Framework of 2005-2015 on the implementation of an alarm system for the prevention of natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific region;

Remembering the Whistler Declaration on Natural Disasters: Prevention and Response, which was approved at the Twelfth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians Conference on Environment and Development (APPCED), which took place in Canada from18 -21 April 2006;


  1. Resolutely state that today we are far from helpless, and that countries and communities may become more stable in the face of natural calamities by resorting to effective preventive measures through the implementation and intensification of public policies to minimize the loss of lives and damage;
  2. Again call upon all of the region's countries to enhance joint efforts on conducting rescue operations, rehabilitating the injured, and restoring housing and infrastructure damaged by natural disasters, through close cooperation and improvement of corresponding mechanisms in this sphere;
  3. Recommend adherence to the guidelines of the Pusan Declaration, to the Hyogo Action Framework and the Whistler Declaration;
  4. Call upon Asia-Pacific governments to include in their development plans and programs measures on mitigating natural disasters, and to cooperate on these issues with interested parties on all continents. The global community, with the help of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, is prepared to support initiatives that advance the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action for 2005-2015, in order to successfully resolve problems that can be faced in the future;
  5. Call upon APPF members to assess the social and economic impact that the most recent natural disasters have had in the region, in order to establish and apply joint efforts for disaster risk management;
  6. Call upon the Member States to consider a Special Fund for Prevention and Response to Natural Disasters in the Asia-Pacific Region;
  7. Call upon the international community to implement public policies based on sustainable development, in order to guarantee environmental protection and the prevention of natural disasters.


Resolution on Natural Disaster Reduction

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