Resolution on Energy Security


17th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
11-15 January 2009

Resolution on Energy Security


(Submitted by Chile, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Mexico and Russia)

The seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary forum:

Recalling the resolution No. APPF/ RES/5 adopted by the 16th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum on 20-24 January 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand, the commitment made by APPF members on Energy Security adopted at the 15th Annual Meeting of the APPF in which the APPF paid serious attention to Energy Security and the “Cebu Declaration on East Asian Energy Security”;

Recognizing that energy is a fundamental component that plays a prominent role in economic development of nations worldwide and for the future prosperity and overall competitiveness of the region;

Realizing the rising global demand for energy, rising dependency on energy imports, unstable oil prices, and the prospect of future scarcity of oil and gas that has motivated the awareness of nations for the adoption of national approach on energy security;

Noting that energy, which serves as an economic foundation for social and economic development, is a critical common issue in APPF member states; and throughout the world;

Considering that, as cooperation among producing countries, transit countries, and consuming countries is crucial to strengthening regional energy security, we must develop policies that rigorously respect the responsibilities assumed and the commitments made by all the parties with the aim of overcoming energy shortage and its high prices as common interest;

Considering that the international agreements reached in accordance with the International Energy Agency (IEA) require nations to have national response plans for interruptions in the oil supply, including a commitment to adopt effective common measures to contend with such emergencies, through the implementation of contingency plans for self-sufficiency and restrictions in demand, and for the equitable allocation of available oil to member nations;

Recognizing the good will made in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum held in Lima, Peru, to contribute to the creation of an energy supply system in the Asia-Pacific region that would afford energy-resource consumers to diversify the geography of importations and guarantee stable and uninterrupted supply of oil and gas;

Taking into account the ASEAN-India free trade agreement, which is expected to lead to greater economic growth, strengthening regional political cooperation and function that serve as the basis for Southeastern Asia energy security;

Convinced by the need to develop a wide range of research on alternative energy resources namely bio-fuels, hydro power, solar power, wind power, biomass, geothermal power, tidal power to increase energy supplies, promote the efficient use of energy to ensure the energy security in Asia-Pacific member economies;

Reaffirming the readiness in sharing and exchanging of information, greater networking, mobilization of resources and increased efforts to achieve energy security;

Realizing that access to adequate, reliable, clean and affordable energy resources is vital to provide energy security and sustainability of economic development in the Asia Pacific region;

Hereby resolves to:

1. Welcome and support efforts made by APPF Member Governments to promote cooperation in energy programs to ensure and prioritize equitable access to essential energy sources for all countries in the Asia Pacific region, in a safe and steady manner, with quality and reasonable prices;

2. Encourage APPF Member States to strengthen the cooperation on sustainable energy development programs, reinforce the exchange of public policies, sharing of best practices and expertise as well as joint investment through the development and use of advanced technologies that will help them face the challenges of adapting to global warming to ensure energy supplies for the poor towards economic growth and sustainable development in the region;

3. Call on the government of APPF Member States to encourage public and private initiatives for researching biomass, all kinds of renewable energy sources and carbon gasification technology to reduce polluting emissions and create a world market for affected power stations;

4. Call upon APPF Member Parliaments, through their legislative and capacity building activities to harmonize legal and regulatory frameworks with a view to strengthening intra-APPF cooperation, creating favorable conditions and investment incentive for public-private participation in energy production and supply to meet the increasing demand;

5. Encourage APPF members to recommend to their respective governments that they make every effort to create and foster ways and means to explore and implement the efficient use of energy and energy savings;

6. Urge all APPF Member States to facilitate such technological development and transfer of knowhow, work together with multilateral funding agencies, sub-regional groupings, research institutions and through public-private partnerships and initiatives for energy security in the region;

7. Promote knowledge and awareness on energy saving including the use of energy by households and cleaner production;

8. Promote energy and economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly electricity trading among APPF members by recognizing the proposal made to this effect in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum held in Lima, Peru; and

9. Reaffirm the commitment to the concept of energy security and the idea of supporting the energy needs of regional economies by promoting open energy markets and free energy trade and investment.



Resolution on Energy Security

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