Resolution on Food Security


17th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
11-15 January 2009

Resolution on Food Security


(Submitted by Chile, Indonesia, the Lao PDR, the Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico and Russia)

The seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary forum:

Reaffirming the adoption of the Rome Declaration in 1996, the number one of the United Nations’ MDGs, the Declaration adopted at the FAO High Level Conference on World Food Security in 2008, the 16th APEC Economic Leaders’ Declaration and the Joint Statement of the 20th APEC Ministerial Meeting agreed upon in Lima, Peru last November 2008, in particular on improving food security in the Asia-Pacific region;

Recalling that, according to FAO, food security exists “when all people, at all times, have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs", which involves conditions of availability, access and stability of supply;

Acknowledging that food security is mainly affected by such key factors as growing consumer demand; global population growth; loss of agricultural land for residential and industrial development; increased farming for use in bio-fuels; oil price peaks; poor weather conditions and plant & livestock diseases;

Recognizing the importance of food security has begun to be discussed as a critical issue in APPF member countries; and the effective cooperation among APPF Member States and with the rest of the world in providing Food Security and preventing food shortages;

Hereby resolves to:

1. Welcome and Support efforts made by APPF Member Governments to promote investment in agriculture, economic and technical cooperation including food research and development and to share advanced technology, best practice and expertise to increase food production;

2. Call on the governments of APPF Member States to develop, upgrade and expand road access, infrastructure, and electricity and irrigation systems, as well as other related facilities to accelerate the development of Food Security Programs;

3. Reiterate the need to liberalize agricultural trade and to remove trade barriers and all forms of protectionism including subsidies that distort international agricultural trade and to provide easier market access for agricultural products from developing countries;

4. Call upon APPF members, through their legislative activities to maximize each Member’s internal strengths in order to enhance intra-APPF cooperation and to create favorable conditions and incentives for public and private partnership in food security;

5. Request APPF member countries to take into consideration the impact on food security when addressing the development of bio-energy and the use of productive farming land for other purposes;

6. Call on APPF members to strengthen the legal frameworks for agricultural development programs within Asia Pacific region with the aim of ensuring food security in the region;

7. Encourage the APPF members to urge their governments to improve standard of living of farmers in developing countries, as well as to ensure employment opportunities in rural areas;

8. Call on the APPF members to urge their governments to take appropriate measures in coping with the climate change and natural disasters which affect food security.


Resolution on Food Security

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