Resolution on Cluster Munitions


17th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
11-15 January 2009

Resolution on Cluster Munitions


(Submitted by the Australian and Lao Delegations)

The seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary forum:

Recalling APPF Resolution APPF/RES/1 adopted at the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum held from 20 to 24 January 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand;

Condemning the indiscriminate use of cluster munitions;

Reiterating its serious concern at the terrible consequences for human rights and socio-economic development that the use of cluster munitions has for people and communities all over the world, including long after the conflict is over;

Recalling with gratitude the leadership and encouragement by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in promoting action by the international community to address the horrendous humanitarian effects of cluster munitions.

Recalling the adoption of Convention on Cluster Munitions by Diplomatic Conference on Cluster Munitions on 30 May 2008 in Dublin, Ireland;

Noting the signature by over ninety countries of the Convention on Cluster Munitions;

Noting the particular efforts by those states that participated in the successful negotiations that led to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, and the supportive efforts of civil society, including victims of cluster munitions;

Taking note of the provisions of the Convention on Cluster Munitions for those participating countries, including the requirements to never develop, produce, use, stockpile or transfer cluster munitions, to destroy stockpiled cluster munitions, to clear contaminated land and to provide for the support, rehabilitation and social reintegration of cluster munitions victims and provide international cooperation and assistance to cluster munitions-affected States;

Welcoming also the continuing efforts by the Group of Governmental Experts from the High Contracting Parties to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) to address the humanitarian impact of cluster munitions in that forum;

Hereby resolves to:

1. Call upon all parliamentarians in countries that have signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions to complete its early ratification and ensure the Convention’s entry-into-force;

2. Commend states that have already signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions and those states who choose to do so in the future;

3. Urge all APPF members to continue to support the negotiations in the CCW to address the humanitarian impact of cluster munitions while striking a balance between military and humanitarian considerations;

4. Recommend all APPF member states make additional efforts in order to reduce the deployment as far as possible of these weapons, taking into full account of the national security situation;

5. Encourage governments to identify and fence off areas contaminated by these weapons that threaten the security and economic welfare of their civil populations;

6. Encourage parliamentarians to promote the prevention, within the framework of international humanitarian law, of the indiscriminate use of these weapons;

7. Promote, through regional and multilateral means, cooperation in approaching the humanitarian challenges posed by cluster munitions;

8. Support and participate in international efforts of education and training about the risks involved in the removal of unexploded weapons and the cleaning up of contaminated zones;

9. Encourage all member states to provide health and rehabilitation programmes on a non-discriminatory basis to victims of cluster munitions, including emergency assistance and continuous medical care, physical rehabilitation, psychological support, social and economic rehabilitation, and legal support;

10. Call upon all member states to provide humanitarian assistance to the cluster munitions affected countries to address their impact;

11. Encourage the APPF parliaments to make their utmost efforts to enable the social and economic integration of all victims of cluster munitions on a non-discriminatory basis.


Resolution on Cluster Munitions

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