Resolution on Gender Issues in Parliaments


17th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
11-15 January 2009

Resolution on Gender Issues in Parliaments


(Sponsored by Australia, Lao PDR, Mexico and Viet Nam)

The seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary forum:

Reaffirming that integrated policies for the promotion of gender equality in the development process and in the electoral reform activities constitute a guarantee for the significant and genuine participation of women;

Noting that as elected representatives of the people, parliamentarians, and Parliament as an institution, have a key role to play in the promotion of gender equality;

Acknowledging that creating conditions for an increase in the number of women parliamentarians and for the improvement of women’s competencies in parliament is a commitment of all countries in the world;

But Concerned that in some countries in the region, gender equality in parliament is not strongly promoted and that this is shown in the fact that candidates in general, as well as elected women, are not sufficiently promoted;

Recalling that countries in the region have adopted programs and measures in order to realize the advancement of women and to ensure their equal partnership with men as defined in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women;

Noting that the Beijing + 10 Action Plan and the third goal of the MDG is to promote gender equality and to empower women by considering the proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments;

Hereby resolves to:

1. Call on APPF member countries to adopt appropriate legislation that promotes gender equity, including increasing participation of women in Parliament;

2. Recommend that gender equity is considered in the development and debate on all policies and legislation, and in particular that gender budgeting principles are introduced;

3. Exhort APPF member countries’ parliaments to strengthen their supervisory function to ensure that all policies relating to gender equity are well implemented;

4. Urge the parliaments of each country to establish a woman parliamentary caucus to support and develop women’s activities and skills, and maintain links with the community to ensure strong and relevant policy development;

5. Set up networks and links among APPF member countries’ parliamentarians, governments and civil society to share national experiences and build capacity relating to their mandates on gender equity;

6. Call upon APPF members to adopt the necessary measures to reach the goals of the UN Millennium Summit;

7. Call upon APPF members to establish training programs to encourage women’s participation in electoral politics;

8. Recommend that APPF members finance research centers in the Asia-Pacific region focused on developing comparative studies relative to public strategies for the inclusion of women in society;

9. Encourage the participation of women parliamentarians in delegations to the APPF meetings.


Resolution on Gender Issues in Parliaments

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