Joint Communiqué

18APPF Joint Communiqué

18th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
17-22 January 2010

Joint Communiqué

1. At the invitation of the Parliament of the Republic of Singapore, the Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) was held in Singapore from 17 to 22 January 2010. 134 parliamentarians from 21 member countries of the APPF and one observer country attended the Annual Meeting. The full list of participants is attached in Appendix 1.

2. The APPF Executive Committee convened on 17 January 2010 to approve the agenda and working programme for the Annual Meeting. The Executive Committee also endorsed the proposals by the Oceania sub-region to have Australia as the subregion’s APPF Executive  Committee member till April 2011, and for Marshall Islands to replace New Zealand as the sub-region’s APPF Executive Committee member from May 2010 to April 2012. The report of the Executive Committee meeting is attached in Appendix 2.

3. On 18 January 2010, President of the 18th APPF and Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Singapore, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, extended a warm welcome to all participants and declared the Annual Meeting open. In his opening address, Mr Abdullah noted that the Asia-Pacific landscape has evolved with the expansion of political, economic, social as well as cultural ties. The APPF can contribute significantly towards closer cooperation of the Asia-Pacific by continuing to promote greater dialogue and understanding among peoples and countries in the region.

4. His Excellency Takuji Yanagimoto, Acting Leader of the Japanese APPF Delegation and Member of House of Representatives delivered a special message from His Excellency Yasuhiro Nakasone, Honorary Chairman of APPF. Mr Nakasone said the APPF has worked tirelessly and resolutely to tackle the region's challenges and build constructive consensus. This has helped to build up trust, friendships and understanding among Parliamentarians in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same event, His Excellency Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane, Leader of the Laos APPF Delegation and Vice President of the National Assembly of Lao PDR, also addressed the delegates. Noting the challenges facing the region, Dr Phomvihane expressed the hope that Parliamentarians attending the 18th APPF would focus their efforts on finding solutions to issues affecting the well-being of the people in the region.

5. The Leaders of the delegations paid a courtesy call on the President of the 18th APPF and Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Singapore, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi and on the Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

6. At the opening plenary session, the Report of the Executive Committee was adopted and approved by the Annual Meeting. On the agenda topic of political and security matters in the Asia-Pacific, delegates engaged in wide-ranging discussions covering terrorism and ship pirating, cooperation, and peace and stability in the region and proposed resolutions on the situations in Myanmar, the Middle East Peace Process, and the Korean Peninsula.

7. At the plenary session on economic and trade issues in the Asia-Pacific, delegates discussed the positive outcome of the APEC Leaders week in 2009 and the global economic situation, and proposed several resolutions pertaining to regional collaboration on social measures to protect vulnerable groups, trade liberalization and facilitation, and energy security.

8. At the plenary session on regional cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, delegates discussed and proposed resolutions on cooperation on rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts after earthquakes and natural disasters, climate change, water and environmental sustainability, and fostering the Asia-Pacific community. This plenary session also tackled the issue of the future role of the APPF.

9. At the final plenary session, the 18th Annual Meeting of the APPF adopted 14 resolutions, based on the topics mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. The full list of resolutions adopted is attached in Appendix 3.

10. Delegates also accepted Mongolia’s kind invitation to host the 19th Annual Meeting in 2011.

11. At the conclusion, the Annual Meeting thanked the Drafting Committee for its tireless efforts on the Joint Communiqué and the related resolutions, which contributed to the successful outcome of the Meeting.

12. The Annual Meeting also expressed its heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to the President of the 18th APPF and Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Singapore, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, for his hospitality and presidency of the 18th APPF, and to the Secretariat and the staff for their hard work and excellent arrangements. 


Joint Communiqué

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