Resolution on Natural Disaster


18th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
17-22 January 2010

Resolution on Natural Disaster


(sponsored by Indonesia and Japan)

Expressing our deep condolences to those who lost their lives in the unprecedented disasters (the earthquake off Samoa and the consequent tsunami, and the earthquakes off the coast of Padang in Indonesia’s West Sumatra in September 2009, as well as the earthquake in Haiti on 12 January 2010) ; and sympathizing with those who survived the disasters;

Expressing our full support to the countries and international organizations that rapidly began search, emergency relief and medical aid activities after the disasters had occurred and immediately announced personnel and material assistance for the disaster-affected areas as well as for the many well-motivated people who rushed to the disaster areas from around the world;

Expressing our respect for all those involved in assistance activities following these disasters;

Concerned with the fact that most Asia-Pacific countries lie on the “ring of fire” which are vulnerable to natural disasters, and that the region geologically faces a high risk of earthquake and consequent tsunami;

Recognizing that the damage caused by natural disasters hinders the economic growth and development of nations affecting human security;

Recognizing that the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the disaster-hit countries, as well as the protection of citizens from the impact of natural disasters, are important issues for the future of the international community as a whole and in particular that of the Asia-Pacific region;

Reaffirming that for the emergency relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction involved in such large-scale and serious disasters as these, in addition to the responses of individual states, it is important for the international community to pull together in extending support, including financial aid;

Noting the resolution on the El Nino phenomenon issued by the 6th APPF meeting in 1998, the resolution on disasters and civil protection issued by the 9th APPF meeting in 2001 and the resolution on the earthquake and tsunami disaster issued by the 13th APPF meeting in 2005;

Expressing full support for the Cha-am Hua Hin Statement on EAS Disaster Management issued by the 4th East Asia Summit (EAS) in October 2009, the 17thAPEC Economic Leaders Declaration and joint statement made by the 21st APEC Ministerial meeting agreed upon in Singapore in November 2009, which in particular addresses natural disasters and the enhancement of human security;


1. Ensure that all parliaments continue to oversee the efforts taken by their governments in search, emergency relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities relating to these disasters and in supporting these activities within a framework of close coordination and solidarity centered on the United Nations;

2. Welcome and support APPF member governments’ efforts in enhancing human security by developing disaster management and emergency response programs;

3. Declare the APPF’s intention to continue actively making recommendations with regard to search, emergency relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities relating to natural disasters, including the necessity of international coordination and cooperation, in order to effectively mitigate the impact of natural disasters on human security;

4. Request all countries and international organizations to create or develop early warning systems, including that for tsunami, dialogue, regional network, and Standard Operating Procedures as a means to mitigate the impact of natural disasters. In particular, request them to make efforts to establish or enhance frameworks in order to quickly and efficiently share information concerning collateral damage caused by disasters, including the spread of infections and damage to nuclear-related facilities, so that those frameworks can contribute to preventing or minimizing the collateral damage;

5. Urge APPF and its Member Countries to regularly hold regional forums on natural disasters, including inter-parliamentary ones, and to actively participate in an exchange of information and technology, as well as education on disaster management programs.


Resolution on Natural Disaster

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