Resolution on Terrorism


18th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
17-22 January 2010

Resolution on Terrorism


(sponsored by Australia, Indonesia and Mexico)

Reaffirming the previous resolutions concerning the fight against terrorism and organized crime, adopted unanimously by the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) Member Countries;

Reiterating its strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations; considering them as criminal and unjustifiable, whenever and by whomsoever committed;

Recognizing the fact that globalization has increased interaction among different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Therefore, the need for greater cooperation and understanding among cultures, religions, and civilizations, and enrichment of globalization with commonly shared values is extremely necessary;

Convinced that terrorism constitutes a serious threat to democratic values, peace and security, and is the source of profound concern to the APPF Member Countries;

Deeply concerned at the continuing acts of terrorism in the world;

Stressing the need to strengthen further international cooperation to prevent, combat and eliminate terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, in accordance with the principles of international law and international conventions on the subject;

Concerned that terrorism can be aggravated by other transnational crimes like drug trafficking, money laundering, illicit arms trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping, and shipping piracy, which can be used as direct support to this scourge, even as a funding

Affirming that States must ensure that measures taken to combat terrorism comply with all their obligations under international law and should adopt such measures in accordance with international law, including international human rights norms, the international humanitarian law and refugee law;

Convinced of the central place of parliaments in the prevention of terrorism and the progress made in improving national legislation on prevention and combating terrorism; 


1. Call on all APPF Member Countries to accede to and implement fully United Nations counter-terrorism conventions and protocols as soon as possible;

2. Urge all APPF Member Countries to implement fully all United Nations Security Council counter-terrorism related resolutions;

3. Urge all APPF Member Countries to adopt effective legislative measures to counter terrorism financing in line with international standards;

4. Promote increased national, regional and international cooperation and coordination among all relevant agencies to enhance effective law enforcement, border control and intelligence sharing;

5. Strengthen the exchange of operational information, particularly in relation to activities and movements of terrorists and terrorist networks; terrorist financing; forgery of travel documents; trafficking of arms, explosives or dangerous materials; communication by terrorist groups and individuals; drug trafficking; money laundering; human trafficking; kidnapping; shipping piracy; and the threat represented by the possession of weapons of mass destruction by terrorist groups;

6. Call on APPF Member Countries to work urgently to prevent acts of terrorism, including through increased cooperation between parliaments and governments and full compliance with pertinent international agreements against terrorism;

7. Implement measures consistent with international human rights instruments and national laws, to ensure that refugee status is not abused by the perpetrators, organizers or facilitators of terrorist acts;

8. Urge APPF Member Countries to continue their efforts to harmonize domestic legislation in accordance with international standards to prevent, combat and eliminate terrorism;

9. Strengthen the cooperative ties between the parliaments of the region and specialized international and regional organizations in order to understand and meet the training needs and capacity of national authorities responsible for preventing and combating these scourges; such measures may include joint training of officials of the Legislative and Judicial branches to strengthen control of money laundering as a source of funding for this type of crime;

10. Request APPF Member Countries to enhance mutual understanding and respect through amicable interaction among adherents of faiths; in promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms; and in promoting interfaith dialogue; and

11. Call upon APPF Member Parliaments to complement and support the role of governments in implementing cooperative measures to prevent acts of terrorism and to enhance our commitment to deepening and broadening the interfaith dialogue to prevent terrorism for the benefit of a peaceful and fruitful Asia-Pacific relationship.


Resolution on Terrorism

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