19th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
23-27 January 2011


1. Political and Security Matters
1.1 Strengthening Peace and Security in the region
1.2 Combating Terrorism, Illegal Drug Traffic and Organized Crime
1.3 Situation in the Korean Peninsula
1.4 Middle East Peace Process

2. Economic and Trade Matters in the Asia-Pacific
2.1. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2010 Report by Japan
2.2 Global Economic Situation
- Political Response to Current Economic and Financial Crisis
2.3 Promoting Economic Partnership and Free Trade
2.4 Energy and Food Security

3. Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific
3.1 Climate Change
3.2 Cooperation in Disaster Management and Emergency Responses
3.3 Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
3.4 Promoting cultural and educational exchange
3.5. Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers in Asia-Pacific

4. Future Work of the APPF
4.1 Review of Administration of the APPF: Report by Japan
4.2 Date and Venue of the 20th Annual Meeting of the APPF



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