21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
27-31 January 2013


1. Political and Security Matters
1.1. Peace and stability in Asia Pacific: strengthening of democracy, respect for sovereignty and prospects of building-up a regional collective security system
1.2. Fighting against terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime
1.3. Developments in the Middle East and in North Africa: potential challenges to the global and regional stability
1.4. Parliamentary diplomacy: challenges and perspectives

2. Economy and Trade in Asia Pacific
2.1. APEC 2012 (report of the Russian delegation on the results of the APEC Summit in Vladivostok)
2.2. Parliamentary dimension of trade and economic cooperation and integration processes in the Asia-Pacific Region, taking into account the WTO aspect
2.3. Development of transport infrastructure and modern logistics centers
2.4. Intensive cooperation for insuring the innovative growth
2.5. Strengthening of food security

3. Regional cooperation in Asia Pacific
3.1. Dialogue of civilizations, promotion of cultural, educational and humanitarian contacts, harmonization of youth policy, migration processes
3.2. Problems of poverty eradication, sustainable social security in the context of global financial imbalances
3.3. Energy security, energy dialogue and energy efficiency
3.4. Cooperation in disaster prevention and disaster management, environmental protection

4. Further activities of the APPF
4.1. The results of the first year of the APPF reform process under the new APPF Rules of Procedure
4.2. Date and venue of the 22nd APPF Annual Meeting



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