General Information


21st Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
27-31 January 2013

General Information


The 21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum will take place on 27- 31 January 2013 on Russky Island in the city of Vladivostok, the Russian Federation. The infrastructure and the facilities on Russky Island were specially designed to host the APEC Summit. Heads of the States, Heads of the Governments and the Leaders of the Economies of Asia-Pacific region met there in September, 2012.

Venue: All main meetings of the APPF-21 will take place at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Conference Center, which hosted most of the APEC- 2012 Summit events.

Draft Agenda and Preliminary Program of events of the 21st Annual Meeting of the APPF are available on the official website .

English is the official working language for the APPF meetings. The simultaneous interpretation will be provided from English into Russian and vice versa. Channels for simultaneous interpretation from non official languages can be provided upon preliminary request sent to the APPF-21 APPF Secretariat no later than 24 December 2012.
Delegations may arrange their own interpreters, if necessary. Delegations who have requested for simultaneous interpretation facilities are responsible for their own interpreters.

All meeting participants must be accredited by the APPF-21 Secretariat and, therefore, are to send to no later than 24 December 2012 the completed Registration Form which is available on the official website
Media representatives also must be accredited by the APPF-21 Secretariat and are to send to no later than 24 December 2012 the completed Registration of Media Form which is available on the official website
Upon arrival to Vladivostok the delegates are invited to register at the Registration Desk, to collect their ID badges, invitation cards and other working materials.
The Registration Desk service will be available from 08.00 a.m. till 08.00 p.m. on 27-30 January 2013.

According to the APPF Rules of Procedure the Draft Resolutions are to be submitted to the APPF-21 Secretariat no later than 27 November 2012.
Despite this deadline submission of the Draft Resolutions by or before 24 December 2012 would be appreciated.

The delegates, who wish to take floor at any of the plenary sessions, are invited to fill in the Speakers Registration Forms and forward them to the APPF-21 Secretariat no later than 10 January 2013.

Each participant will be provided with the identification badges. For security purposes all delegates and participants are kindly requested to wear identification badges throughout the event for admission to all conference activities and functions.

A Liaison Officer will be assigned to each delegation to provide administrative support throughout the Annual Meeting.

Accommodation will be available in the FEFU campus (APEC-2012 Summit Village).
The participants of the 21st APPF will enjoy the following special rates:

Standard single room, single occupancy

Standard single room, double occupancy

3 000 RUB
4 000 RUB
Two-room suite, single/double occupancy  5 000 RUB/6 000 RUB
Presidential suite, single/double occupancy 15 000 RUB/16 000 RUB

The price includes VAT 18%, breakfast, and Internet access in the room.

The valid and accurate information about the currency exchange rate is available at .

Please note that due to the limited number of two - room suites, a reservation quota has been introduced to provide equal availability of this kind of accommodation for the leaders of all delegations. Two-room suites not booked by the delegations within the leaders quota will be made available as upgrades on the first come - first served basis.

Participants are to pay for their accommodation and all hotel services, including laundry, dry-cleaning, overseas and local phone calls, mini-bars, etc. Payment is acceptable either in cash (Russian Rubles) or by credit card upon arrival. Bank services and currency exchange facilities will be available on the spot.

Meals will be provided at the venues specified in the program.
All delegations are cordially invited to the receptions and party events indicated in the program.

APPF 21 participants will be provided with free transfer from/to the Vladivostok International Airport and the FEFU campus upon arrival and departure.
Shuttle transportation to official functions will be provided daily from FEFU Conference Center, the FEFU campus and other official venues of the APPF 21st Annual Meeting.
Delegations are kindly requested to submit to the APPF-21 Secretariat the list of delegates, date and time of arrival/departure, flight numbers and timely inform about all possible changes.

Media Centre will operate from 27 January 2013 to assist media representatives, who are kindly requested to make their accreditation via APPF Secretariat.
Free Internet access, including Wi-Fi, will be available.
You are kindly requested to contact APPF Secretariat beforehand if you wish to arrange the press conference meeting room for the national delegation.

Internet access for delegates will be available at the Plenary Meeting and in the hotel rooms.

First-aid and basic medical services will be provided during the conference.

Participants are responsible for their own insurance.

To enter the Russian Federation valid passport and valid entry visa are required. You are kindly recommended to apply timely for an entry visa at the Embassy or
Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country you live in.

Visa Application Form and instructions for visa application are available online at
Please note that you are to fill in the Visa Support Application Form attached to the Registration Form and send it back to the Secretariat the sooner the better, but not later than the Registration Forms are sent. Failure to do so may seriously hinder or even prevent the obtaining of visa.
Please apply for visa at the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the city, which you have indicated in your Visa Support Application Form.
Should you happen to encounter any problem in obtaining your visa, please don’t hesitate to contact the APPF-21 Secretariat.

Participants can fly directly to Vladivostok via Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and some other cities.

It is possible also to take one of the numerous flights operated by the Russian and foreign airline companies to transit via Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Herewith, please take into account time zone differences, time to go through the customs and immigration formalities, to collect your luggage and to be transfered from one terminal or airport to another for domestic flights.

If you intend to make a stopover in Moscow or St Petersburg you are strongly recommended to make a hotel reservation with your travel agency. You may also contact the Diplomatic/Consular office of your country in Moscow/ St Petersburg for getting advice and assistance.


The average temperature in January in Vladivostok is - -14o C (below zero). Snow is rare during this season. Sky is usually clear, but strong and dry chilling winds are often blowing. Participants are recommended to carry very warm clothing.

The supply voltage in Russia is 220 volts.

Time zone of Vladivostok is UTC +11
Time zone of Moscow is UTC +4

The official currency of the Russian Federation is Ruble (RUB). All payments on the territory of the Russian Federation must be done in Russian RUB. Currency exchange points are located at the hotels, banks and airports. Major currencies accepted for exchange are EUR and USD. Exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of 23 November 2012: USD – 31,15 RUB; EUR – 40,02 RUB.

Postal address: 26, B. Dmitrovka street, Moscow, 103426, Russia,
Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, APPF-21 Secretariat

Official website:
Fax : +7 495 697-46-17

Contact persons of the APPF21 Secretariat:
Mr. Kartsev Nikolay
phone + 7 495 697 90 56

Mr. Zhelnov Vasily
phone + 7 495 697 96 52

Ms. Podolina Olesya
phone + 7 495 697 71 25

Ms. Solovyova Ekaterina
phone + 7 495 697 60 65


General Information

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