21st Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
27-31 January 2013


Russia is ready to hold the 21st APPF
by H.E. Ms. Valentina Matvienko

January 2013

Dear colleagues,

According to the decision adopted at the 20th meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) held in Tokyo in January 2012, Russia has taken over the presidency of APPF and is now completing preparations for the 21st annual meeting of the Forum to be held in Vladivostok on 27-31 January 2013.

I would like to assure you once again that we did our best to make the upcoming meeting successful in the spirit of continuity and constructive cooperation by which the unanimously adopted New Tokyo Declaration is characterized.

This program document has become our guideline when defining the priorities of the Russian Federation presidency of APPF in 2012-2013. Primarily we strive to promote and strengthen Russia’s as well as our partners’ involvement in the processes of political and economic cooperation taking place in the Asia Pacific region, organic integration of our country into the system of economic relations in the region. In this respect, we attached the utmost importance to holding the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum under the presidency of Russia in early September 2012.

Our presidency of the 21st APPF is aimed at making a considerable contribution to the development of the international and national laws promoting regional economic integration, stability, and international security.
We have been preparing for the 21st regular meeting of APPF in accordance with the new APPF Rules of Procedure aimed at making our joint work more efficient and fruitful.

I invite you to work on the most topical issues which are included into the agenda of the 21st APPF. Under the APPF Rules of Procedure, this work will be more concrete and effective.

We have received the proposals from the forum participants on how to update the discussions at the plenary sessions and draft resolutions on all the aspects of the agenda issues.

For the first time in the APPF practice the heads of the authoritative international organizations, including the UN, are invited to address the forum. A round table “Asia Pacific – Europe: New Horizons for Co-operation” and a meeting of the young parliamentarians from the Asia Pacific Region will be held in the framework of the forum.

Russia has an interest in modernization and innovative development of the national economy, primarily, Siberia and Far East regions.

The participants of the forum will be briefed and presented with the programs of multilateral international cooperation in the Asian regions of Russia, with the projects in the field of education and scientific research.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Vladivostok.

Chairperson of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,
President of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum



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