22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-16 January 2014


1. Political and Security Matters
1.1 Peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region. Strengthening of democracy, respect of national sovereignty, and possibilities of building a collective system of regional security.
1.2 Fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime
1.3 Social and political movements in the Middle East and its possible impact on world and regional security
1.4 Achievements of the ASEAN Regional Forum
1.5 Parliamentary initiatives for transparency and fight against corruption

2. Economic and Trade Matters
2.1 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 2013. Report by Indonesia
2.2 Green economy and sustainable tourism
2.3 Food and energy security (renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy infrastructure)
2.4 Knowledge economy and innovative growth
2.5 The parliamentary dimension of economic and trade cooperation, and the processes of integration in the Asia Pacific region taking in account the WTO rules and procedures

3. Regional Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region
3.1 Cooperation to face climate change (outcomes of COP 19) and the prevention and handling of natural disasters
3.2 Cooperation for poverty eradication, strengthening of the social cohesion, migration flows, further participation of youth in development projects and women’s empowering
3.3 From ODAS to the new development agenda post 2015
3.4 Cooperation in education (including exchanges of students, professors, research projects, etc), culture, science and technology
3.5 Best practices in parliamentary diplomacy: Cooperation in and among parliamentary assemblies

4. APPF future work
4.1 Date and venue of the APPF 23rd Annual Meeting
4.2 Miscellaneous



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