Joint Communiqué


22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-16 January 2014

Joint Communiqué

1. At the invitation of the Mexican Senate of the Mexican Republic, the Twenty-Second Annual Meeting of  the  Asia  Pacific  Parliamentary Forum (APPF) was held on January 12 - 16 2014 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 151 Delegates from 21 APPF Member  Countries  and  1 Observer Country, Brunei Darussalam attended the Annual  Meeting. Also, attended the Representatives of the Parliaments of 3 invited countries (El Salvador, Honduras and Panama) and of the following invited organizations : PARLACEN, FOPREL and the University of Colima, Mexico. The full list of participants is attached in Appendix 1.

2. The APPF Executive Committee convened on January 1ih 2014 to approve the Agenda and Program of Work of the Annual Meeting. The report of the Executive Committee meeting is attached in Appendix 2.

3. On January 13th 2014 the President of APPF and President of the Mexican Senate, His Excellency Senator Raul Cervantes Andrade, delivered a warm and deeply felt speech to all the participants. He declared the Annual Meeting open and highlighted that  it  is clear  that our own destiny as well as major global issues weave ties that bond us together with a peaceful and respectful  coexistence,  as  well  as  a strong cooperation that should make each  one of us a reliable  partner  for the development and welfare of our nations.

5. A special message from His Excellency Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone, Honorary President of the APPF, was delivered by Takuji  Yanagimoto. And then, Honorable  Mr.  lliyas  Umakhanov  addressed  the  delegates as leader of the delegation of  the  Russian  Federation,  the  country  of the preceding APPF Presidency.

6. On behalf of the President of the United Mexican States, Mr. Enrique Pena Nieto, the Secretary of Economy, Mr. Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal delivered some remarks to the delegates, in which he stressed the importance, the Asia Pacific region in boosting global economy.

7. At the opening plenary session the report of the Executive Committee was adopted and approved by the Annual Meeting.

8. At the First Plenary Session on Political and Security Matters, delegates discussed, among other issues, how to strengthen peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region, considering in this respect important issues like cooperation in combating terrorism, drug and human trafficking and organized crime. It was also considered some parliamentary initiatives for transparency and fight against corruption. Special attention was also paid to social and political movements in the Middle East and its possible impact on world and regional security.

9. At the Second Plenary Session on Economic and Trade Matters, delegates discussed about trade and economic cooperation in Asia Pacific as well as the importance of key measures to consolidate the global economic recovery. Parliament delegates also welcomed the APEC 2013 Report by Indonesia. From the parliamentary point of view they underlined the importance of considering parliamentary best practices in the process of enhancing new legal frameworks that promotes food and energy security. Knowledge economy and communication technology in the knowledge society were also considered.

10. At the Third Plenary Session on Regional Cooperation in Asia Pacific the participants discussed on important issues related to regional cooperation for the implementation of the decisions made at the COP 19, considering main issues like disaster risk reduction and prevention and handling of natural disasters in Asia Pacific. The delegations also considered main aspects of a regional cooperation for poverty eradication, strengthening of social cohesion, migration flows and further participation of youth in development projects and women's empowering. Also of great interest was the discussion on the parliamentary momentum for the compliance of the Millennium Development Goals and Cooperation to identify new Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals in Asia Pacific Region. Cooperation in education, culture, science and technology received due consideration.

11. At the Fourth Plenary Session delegates discussed the future activities and work of the APPF to enhance Parliamentary Regional Cooperation in Asia Pacific, they also considered the implementation of the Resolution adopted at the 21th Session of APPF in Vladivostok, Russia and considered some aspects regarding the organization of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the APPF.

12. The 22nd Annual Meeting of the APPF adopted 22 resolutions based on the topics mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.  The full list of resolutions adopted is attached in Appendix 3.

13. Delegates also accepted Ecuador's kind proposal to host the 23rd Annual Meeting of the APPF in the city of Quito in January 2015.

14. At the conclusion of the Annual Meeting the Delegates thanked the Working Groups and the Drafting Committee for their efforts in developing the Joint Communique with related resolutions, which contributed to the successful outcome of the Meeting.

15. The Delegates expressed heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to the Chairperson of the Mexican Senate, Senator Raul Cervantes Andrade for his wise and effective presidency of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the APPF, to the people of Mexico, the citizens of Puerto Vallarta in particular for their hospitality, and to the Secretariat, the translators, and the staff for their hard work, efficiency and  excellent arrangements.


Joint Communiqué

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