Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process


22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-16 January 2014

Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process


(Sponsored by Japan and Malaysia)

The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Recalling the resolution APPF 21/RES-03 on the Middle East Peace Process adopted at the 21st annual meeting of the APPF, and welcoming the latest development on the issue of Israel and Palestine within the perspective of peace;

Convinced that achieving a final and peaceful settlement of the issue of Palestine is imperative for the attainment of comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East;

Hoping that the Israelis and Palestinians will continue their united efforts to realize the two-state solution whereby Israel and Palestine live side by side in peace;

Reaffirming that a just and lasting solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict must be based on resolutions as the United Nations, previous agreements between Israel and some Palestinians, and the Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process adopted at the Twenty-first Annual Meeting of the APPF on January 2013,

Expressing support for the Middle East peace process and the efforts to reach a final and lasting settlement between the Israeli and the Palestinian sides as soon as possible.

Recognizing the importance of empowering vulnerable civilians in or emerging from armed conflict through education and training as a means to assist civilians rebuilding their lives and to support the peace process in the area;


1. Welcome the resumption of direct negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian sides;

2. Urge both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides to settle the issue through negotiation based on the relevant UN Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions, the Madrid Principles, the Roadmap, the agreements previously reached by the parties and the Arab Peace Initiative;

3. Urge both Israel and the Palestinian side to halt the use of force and achieve a durable unconditional cessation of violence;

4. Call upon both parties to avoid unilateral actions which prejudice final status issues, including settlement activities in the West Bank;

5. Encourage all parties concerned to continue with efforts to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; affirm again the establishment of a Palestinian state, security for Israel and its border are essential factors of permanent peace; and call upon Israel and Palestinian side to strive for building a proper environment for establishing a Palestinian state;

6. Confirm that creating a viable Palestinian economy premised on tangible improvement of living standard is necessary for building a Palestinian state; and therefore call upon the international communityto support the Palestinians and encourage the Governments of the APPF member countries to enhance assistance to them;

7. Urge all sides to improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip;

8. Support the efforts of the international community including the Quartet towards the progress of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and call upon the Quartet, other concerned countries and all APPF member countries to continue to extend as much support and cooperation as possible to the Middle East peace process;

9. Encourage APPF member countries and international community to support capacity building programmes for Palestine. 

Puerto Vallarta, México
15 January, 2014


Resolution on the Middle East Peace Process

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