Resolution on Energy Security


22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-16 January 2014

Resolution on Energy Security


(Sponsored by Korea and Thailand)

The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Reaffirming the resolution titled “Energy Cooperation, Energy Security Dialogue and Energy Efficiency (APPF21/RES-06)” adopted at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum in Vladivostok, Russia in January 2013,

Recognizing the importance of a stable and affordable supply of energy which is the foundation of all economic activities and is also strongly related to national security,

Cognizant of the need for a stable and efficient supply of energy given the rising global demands for energy driven by the rapid economic growth of the Asia Pacific region,

Acknowledging that, while fossil fuels will continue to supply the bulk of the world’s energy needs, there is a rising need to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources due to global efforts to cut carbon emissions motivated by environmental concerns,

Recognizing the importance ofnuclear energy safety in light of the nuclear power plant explosion in Japan and its aftermath, and emphasizing the need to diversify energy sources by developing affordable, safe and clean energy,

Noting that the international community should work together towards low carbon green growth underpinned by green technology and clean energy through establishment of legal and policy foundation at national level, investments in research & development in the energy sector, and development of environmentally friendly and clean energy.


1. Confirm that the main goals of cooperation in the energy sector are to ensure a stable supply of energy resources for all APPF member countries, improved energy efficiency and development of new sources of energy;

2. Call on all member countries to explore ways to secure a stable and affordable energy supply for mutual growth and prosperity;

3. Call upon those member countries with nuclear power plants to engage in regional cooperation and develop exchanges in experience, technology and capital for safe operation of nuclear power plants as well as to put in place immediate and effective countermeasures against a nuclear power plant accident.All member countrieshave an interest to promote security measures regarding nuclear power plants, according to International Atomic Energy Agency Regulations;

4. Call on all member countries to take interest in the development of affordable and environmentally-friendly gas, which is expected to serve as a bridge for the transition to the new green alternative energy, while working together for the  development of new renewable energy sources such as solar, tidal, geothermal, wind power, etc.;

5. Recommend all member countries to adopt carbon emissions reduction, in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, and green growth as key strategies; set concrete reduction goals and work towards reaching such goals through various energy and environmental policies such as greenhouse gas reduction management system.

Puerto Vallarta, México
15 January, 2014


Resolution on Energy Security

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