Resolution on Compliance with the Millennium Development Goals and Parliamentary Cooperation to Identify new Post-2015 Development Goals


22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-16 January 2014

Resolution on Compliance with the Millennium Development Goals and Parliamentary Cooperation to Identify new Post-2015 Development Goals


(Sponsored by Chile, Indonesia and Mexico)

The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Recalling that the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) represent a global commitment adopted by the world leaders at the 2000 United Nations Millennium Summit with the aim of improving the living conditions of millions of people;

Acknowledging that the MDG have managed to place the person in the center of the development agenda and to mobilize efforts in all countries and regions to achieve the eradication of extreme poverty, and the betterment of sanitary, educational, and housing conditions of the world´s population;

Recognizing the important achievements obtained in the compliance with different MDG, but mindful at the same time, that the degree of compliance has been uneven and with differences among countries and regions;

Recognizing the valuable contribution made by the members of the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons in defining the goals and considerations that must support the different global efforts made to draft a Post-2015 Development Goals Agenda;

Bearing in mind the A New Global Partnership report produced by the “High-Level Panel, the report A life of dignity for all submitted by the Secretary General to the United Nations General Assembly in July 2013 and the contributions made by the document called “The future we want” adopted by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012 (Rio+20);

Considering the Bali Declaration approved by the 21st Leadership Summit of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APEC), especially one of its priorities called Sustainable Growth with Equity;

Recalling the previous resolutions adopted by the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) in relation to the compliance of the MDG, especially during the 20th and 19th annual meetings;

Positively assessing that the new vision which is making its way for a post 2015 agenda implies putting the sustainable development in the center, linking the economic growth and the social inclusion with an emphasis on poverty eradication and inequality combat, and environment protection;

True to the support requested by the United Nations system in drafting the Post-2015 Development Goals Agenda in close collaboration with civil society, the private sector and all governments through a global dialogue; 

Considering that the Post-2015 Development Goals Agenda draft will be completed through a comprehensive approach involving consultations at both a national and regional level through a global online debate and the creation of the High Level Panel, all of which will contribute to defining a vision of the world we want beyond 2015;

Also Considering the importance of reaching agreements on a Post-2015 framework that fully reflects the new consensus reached by the participating States in the Rio +20 Conference held June 20-22, 2012 on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

Noting the importance of participating in this relevant and intense exercise involving international consultations led by the High Level Panel (HLP) that calls for the fundamental participation of the speakers in general and especially the APPF, as part of a Regional Parliamentary Consultation towards a Post-2015 Development Goals Agenda;

Considering the importance of guaranteeing opportunity for expression that allows lawmakers, as the direct representatives of their citizens, to analyze and identify the key proposals to be sent to the corresponding agencies of the United Nations and then be collected and integrated into the new Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals;

Convinced of the importance that the APPF contribute directly to this effort in an effective manner to make sure the Post-2015 Development Agenda is the result of an intensive, expansive, inclusive and transparent consultation process that also helps reinforce commitment and collaboration mechanisms among all nations;

Certain that the progress made in the Millennium Development Goals represents a fundamental baseline to determine the new goals to be set as of 2015, we do acknowledge that the persistent serious imbalances in the economic growth and social welfare levels among and within the nations forces us to guarantee the successful outcome of the Post-2015 Development Goals Agenda;

Noting, within this context, the importance of making sure the new Post-2015 Development Goals Agenda considers one single set of global goals with a focus on human rights and centered on the war against inequality that allows to align our priorities, efforts and resources to address the key development challenges of our times byintegrating both the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals;

Convinced of the importance of the need to implement the precise and actual progress resulting from the negotiations conducted under The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and especially the agreements reached at the COP19/CMP9 recently held in Warsaw, Poland to identify the new Post-2015 Development Goals;

Recognizing the importance Parliamentary Diplomacy has acquired, as a powerful tool to inspire relationships between nations and their people, and negotiation processes between governments;


1. Urge the APPF member countries to double their efforts and adopt all the necessary measures to comply with the Millennium Development Goals committed for 2015;

2. Underline the importance of the roles of the Parliaments, especially the ones related to legislation, oversighting and budgetary issues to support the compliance of the Millennium Development Goals;

3. Encourage, therefore, APPF member countries’ Parliaments to make all their efforts to achieve the highest compliance degree for each of the goals during the term set;

4. Call upon all APPF member countries, and especially their Parliaments, to strongly encourage its agencies and citizens to participate in the open process the United Nations has been leading to collaboratively create a post 2015 Development Agenda;

5. Show its satisfaction regarding the idea of having sustainable development as the core of the new global development goals - understanding that this does not mean the commitment concerning poverty eradication will be neglected – and encourage the proposed objectives to be concrete, measurable and able to adapt to the circumstances of every region of the world;

6. Recommend all APPF member countries to advocate - within the framework to create the post 2015 agenda – for the proper attention to the region´s priorities putting special attention to poverty and inequality, the betterment of basic services infrastructure and the development of clean and sustainable technologies on productive and energy matters;

7. Encourage national authorities and Asia-Pacific regional bodies to increment all cooperation initiatives aimed to invest in infrastructure and to develop technologies that allow bringing about progress in relation to sustainable and fair development priorities amongst the countries of the region;

8. Request, once again, within a renewed world alliance framework for development and based on the principle of shared responsibility, the APPF developed member countries to reinforce their commitment to reach their official help GNI corresponding to the 0,7% which is destined to the development of the developing countries and the least developed countries, allocating special attention to reducing the development inequalities amongst the countries of the Asia-Pacific region;

9. Recommend APPF member countries to take into consideration the new Sustainable Development Goals Post-2015 recommended by the United Nations;

10. Encourage the strengthening of parliamentary diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region in order to identify common development goals and interests in order to consolidate shared strategies in international parliamentary forums and reinforce the basic principles incorporated into our development policies.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
January 2014


Resolution on Compliance with the Millennium Development Goals and Parliamentary Cooperation to Identify new Post-2015 Development Goals

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