Resolution on Parliamentary Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific


22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-16 January 2014

Resolution on Parliamentary Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific


(Sponsored by Mexico)

The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Aware of the fact that our nations are increasingly bound to respond with creativity to the development and welfare challenges faced by their societies in a timely manner, therefore, calling for additional options and tools to communicate between governments, parliaments and a diverse range of civil society players;

Persuaded that the intense and ongoing practice of democratic diplomacy allows us to expand relations between our respective parliaments and improve learning, cultural, scientific and technological exchanges between our societies under a clear vision for the future;

Convinced that direct knowledge among citizens, their daily coexistence and understanding of history, culture, language and everyday experiences allows them to establish strong bridges between the nations;

Noting that the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) offers a space encouraging convergence of the diverse interests and goals represented in the framework of a parliamentary relations system focused on regional cooperation, peaceful development and the welfare of the nations that comprise it;

Whereas APPF works are based on a commitment to open and constructive dialogue, respect for the actions of all of its participants and deep respect for the positions held by the governments, business communities, labor organizations, research institutes and other actors;

Considering that one of the key objectives of this Parliamentary Forum is to promote and strengthen regional cooperation on matters of local interest at all levels and impel a sense of regional cohesion, understanding and cooperation in member countries through their national parliaments; and

True to the 1997 Vancouver Declaration on the New Vision of the Asia-Pacific Region in the 21st century, and convinced that our parliaments, our governments and our societies actually have the opportunity to make the Asia-Pacific community a home common to all where people can live peaceful and prosperous lives;


1. Urge the APPF member legislators to continue promoting cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing primarily on this parliamentary diplomacy and following the activities carried out by national and international congresses and legislators on topics of common interest for all.

2. Encourage and promote principles governing relations between international, national and regional parliaments through collaboration efforts and experience exchanges.

3. Urge all APPF country members to share their knowledge and experiences acquired through international Fora and bilateral relations;

4. Invite our respective governments to support the work done by the APPF and other parliamentary regional and universal fora, and to be cognizant of the agreements, initiatives and declarations emanating from them, in a timely manner.

Puerto Vallarta, México
15 January, 2014


Resolution on Parliamentary Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific

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