23rd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
11-14 January 2015


Regional and International Situation : Politics and Security
• Strengthening peace and security in the region
• Cyber spying: rights to privacy and communications security
• Alternative policies and new approaches to prevent and combat transnational organized crime and terrorism

Regional and International Situation : Economy
• Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)2014 :Report by China
• Open and nonexclusive cooperation to foster free trade growth, investment, sustainable development
• Challenges for financing sustainable development in equity: new global financing structure

Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region
• Democratization of international organizations (to cooperate for peace, freedom, democracy and economic well-being)
• Preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of the region
• Common legislative frame for social protection and social rights portability
• Cooperation in the disaster prevention
• Climate Change

Future Work of the APPF
• Date and venue of the 24th APPF Annual Meeting



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