Resolution on Halal Industry as a Source of Economic Growth


23rd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
14 January 2015

Resolution on Halal Industry as a Source of Economic Growth


(Sponsored by Malaysia)

Taking note that “HALAL” is growing in recognition and is paving its way to becoming a new global market;

Aware that Halal means activities which are in line with the principles and rules of Islamic law. With regards to Halal food, it is not only about slaughtering animals in accordance to Islamic law, but also about safety, reliability and quality assurance. Hence, it also represents hygiene, cleanliness and quality of the food consumed. Halal industry also encompasses services and industries such as textiles, finance and tourism which must be undertaken in accordance with Islamic principles and incorporated an ethical dimension in the global economy;

The global Halal economy was valued at approximately USD3.2trillion in 2012 and this sector is forecasted to double to USD6.4trillion by the year 2018. Driving this is a combination of demand and supply factors, spearheading the market expansion of Halal products and services;

Acknowledging that the Halal market is not limited to Muslim society alone.


1. Call upon APPF Members States to consider the importance of the Halal Industry to their economies;

2. Seek cooperation amongst APPF Member States to promote the understanding of Halal as well as making Halal products and services more available globally to both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers;

3. Encourage all APPF Member States to streamline their regulatory frameworks which can facilitate the harmonization of policies and systems according to the Halal standards.


Resolution on Halal Industry as a Source of Economic Growth

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