Resolution on Fostering and Strengthening Connectivity towards Economic Integration and Shared Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Region


24th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF)
Vancouver, Canada January 17-21, 2016

Resolution on Fostering and Strengthening Connectivity towards Economic Integration and Shared Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Region


(Sponsored by China and Indonesia)

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum;

Convinced that as one of the most dynamic and populous regions around the world, Asia-Pacific needs to lead the global recovery and that strengthening connectivity would bring new vigor and vitality into economic growth, job creation and sustainable development;

Acknowledging that there is a growing urgency as well as a huge potential to strengthen all-dimensional connectivity by following the trends of deepening exchanges, cooperation, interdependence and the convergence of common interests among regional countries;

Recognizing that the scope of connectivity is inclusive as well as multifaceted, consisting of physical infrastructure, institutional, and people-to-people connectivities;

Underlining that the enhancement of regional connectivity requires both political will and practical cooperation to explore what is achievable and optimal, to reach consensus on viable approaches and modalities of  implementation, and to put in place a game plan for how this will be achieved;

Welcoming various initiatives on connectivity raised by a number of APPF Member States, including the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity, UNECE-ESCAP-led Euro-Asian Transport Links project, Eurasia Initiative, Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and stressing the need to establish synergies between various initiatives for the benefit of all;

Recalling the 2013 APEC Leaders’ Statement on “APEC Framework on Connectivity” in Indonesia, the 2014 APEC Leaders’ Statement and the adoption of the APEC Blueprint on Connectivity in China, the 2015 APEC Leaders’ Statement regarding connectivity issues in the Philippines which aim to identify new growth points, offering additional drivers for regional cooperation, deepen economic integration and ensure continued implementation of this Blueprint;

Bearing in mind the parliamentary contributions in providing appropriate national legislation framework, holding the government’s work accountable and allocating adequate budgetary support to facilitate the necessary means required for the development of regional connectivity;


  1. Support intensive efforts of international and regional organizations such as APEC, ASEM, UN-ESCAP, ASEAN, the SCO, in promoting regional connectivity. Meanwhile, coordination and task sharing among various institutions are needed to avoid duplication and raw strengths from each other;
  2. Emphasize the importance of closer communication and coordination between APPF Member States and financial institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Investment Bank, and Asian Infrastructure Bank so as to better address the capital and financing bottleneck;
  3. Empower the partnership among parliaments in the Asia-Pacific to expand financial access, facilities and markets on the development of MSMEs;
  4. Monitor the effective implementation of the APEC Connectivity Blueprint for 2015- 2025 and early achievement of the specific goals by taking concrete actions with the objective of realizing a seamless and comprehensive connected and integrated Asia-Pacific;
  5. Encourage the APPF to put connectivity as a standing agenda item within the APPF Annual Meeting to continue to share information and best practices and to continue to support government authorities in order to enhance the effectiveness of policies that would promote successful development of APEC connectivity;
  6. Call upon APPF Member States to concentrate on the effectiveness and quality of regional connectivity networks, especially by facilitating potential development of physical infrastructure in the area of maritime and air transportation so as to facilitate flows of goods, services, people and knowledge;
  7. Urge APPF Member States to collaborate with various stakeholders such as private sector, experts, think tanks, media, academia and relevant institutions that would give benefit to the enhancement of connectivity among Asia-Pacific region;
  8. Urge all APPF Member States to establish relevant connectivity partnerships, deepen cooperation in this regard, promote regional integration and work together toward an Asia-Pacific for shared prosperity.


Resolution on Fostering and Strengthening Connectivity towards Economic Integration and Shared Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Region

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