Resolution on Commercial and Economic Matters Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum


25th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-19 January 2017

Resolution on Commercial and Economic Matters Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum


(Sponsored by Chile)

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Asia‐Pacific Parliamentary Forum;

Noting that the 25th Leaders’ Declaration of the 2016 Asia‐Pacific Economic Forum (APEC)  stipulates new guidelines to build sustainable and constructive economies;

Reiterating our commitment to implement the Beijing Road Map for APEC’s contribution to the realisation of the free trade area of the Asia‐Pacific (FTAAP);

Noting that the Belt and Road Initiative by China is conducive to promoting trans‐regional  and regional connectivity;

Acknowledging that all efforts and initiatives implemented in the Asia‐Pacific region must  remain focused on improving the living standards of its people;

Recognising that regional economic integration and cooperation are strategies that will  facilitate the development of commercial structures that will enable more balanced,  inclusive and sustainable development;

Considering the importance of modernising the Micro, Small and Medium‐sized Enterprises  (MSMEs) to obtain better integration and participation in global markets through both  investment in human capital and commercial integration in the region;

Underlining the economic weight of the Asia‐Pacific region which comprises one third of the  world’s population, the 59% of the globe’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and half of all  world trade;

Conscious of the fact that commercial barriers have been reduced in the region on an  average of 17% in 1989 to 5.2% in 2012 causing a seven‐fold increase in inter‐regional  trade; and

Committed to building a more open and transparent system based on inclusive and  sustainable progress where free trade can guarantee growth and human quality  development;


1. Promote investment and free trade to boost economic integration in the Asia‐Pacific  region through support for the multilateral trade system and the fight against  protectionism which inhibits recovery and progress of the international economy;

2. Call for effective economic, financial and social inclusion of women, the elderly and  youth as well as the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups such as Indigenous  peoples and persons with disabilities;

3. Foster closer partnership among APPF Member States featuring mutual respect and  trust, inclusiveness and cooperation in implementing our commitments to achieving  regional goals;

4. Motivate APPF Member States to improve regulations related to food safety and  preserving natural resources by taking steps to further promote sustainable agriculture, food, and value chains;

5. Strengthen dialogue and cooperation mechanisms among governments and  parliaments that facilitate the reduction of trade barriers in the Asia‐Pacific region;

6. Enhance Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a support tool for  cooperation and convergence areas related to electronic commerce, agriculture,  environment, and modernisation of MSMEs, amongst others;

7. Facilitate a greater connectivity in the Asia‐Pacific region as a source of economic  growth fostering inclusive and interconnected development amongst its people and  their governments; and

8. Encourage APPF Member States to continue exploring infrastructure financing,  especially through mobilising private sector resources and public‐private partnerships.


Resolution on Commercial and Economic Matters Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum

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