Resolution on Parliamentary Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region


25th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-19 January 2017

Resolution on Parliamentary Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region


(Sponsored by Russia)

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Asia‐Pacific Parliamentary Forum;

Recognising that dialogue among parliamentarians is an essential instrument of democracy and that its development is an indispensable condition for solving pressing problems of the modern world;

Recalling the Vancouver Declaration, adopted at the 5th Annual Meeting of the APPF in 1997, which expressed the determination of all APPF Member States to make the Asia‐Pacific community a common house where people can lead peaceful and prosperous lives;

Affirming the determination to progress towards the strategic goals declared in the Tokyo Declaration (2012) to form an open, transparent and equal security system in the Asia‐Pacific based on collective, inclusive principles, rules of international law and respect for legitimate interests of all countries of the region;

Recalling previous resolutions on inter‐parliamentary and regional cooperation adopted by APPF Annual Meetings;

Convinced that parliamentarians can play an essential role in establishing conditions that can sustain prosperity, security and growth for all, and in advancing a pluralistic and people‐centred approach to governance and development;

Stating that the use of personal sanctions against parliamentarians of the APPF Member States impedes dialogue and cooperation within multilateral forums, including inter‐parliamentary ones;

Convinced that dialogue is the best way of overcoming differences and promoting mutual trust among the Asia‐Pacific states;

Being aware that inter‐parliamentary cooperation can contribute to effective public policy, including in the areas of security, trade and finance, social policy and environmental protection;

Committed to parliamentary diplomacy as a means of building ties between peoples, resolving differences and establishing alternative channels of communication that are beneficial to relations between countries; and

Convinced that parliamentarians, working cooperatively through the APPF, can help to advance the idea of a common Asia‐Pacific community;


1. Strengthen the APPF as a relevant, effective and inclusive parliamentary body which helps to foster a common Asia‐Pacific community;

2. Emphasise the importance of broad participation in, and commitment to, the work of the APPF in discussions with parliamentarians from across the Asia‐Pacific region;

3. Work cooperatively to ensure that all APPF Member States are able to participate regularly in APPF Annual Meetings;

4. Promote active participation of women parliamentarians and young parliamentarians in respective delegations to APPF Annual Meetings and in all APPF activities;

5. Encourage all parliaments of APPF Member States to report annually to the APPF on progress made in the implementation of the recommendations contained in APPF resolutions;

6. Urge parliaments of APPF Member States to use all available means to maintain and promote parliamentary dialogue that becomes increasingly important in times of crises and call upon parliaments of the APPF Member States to refrain from using personal sanctions against parliamentarians of Member States as measures that prevent full‐scale dialogue and cooperation within international forums, including inter‐parliamentary ones;

7. Support the efforts aimed at establishing mutually beneficial and mutually enhancing relations between parliamentary organisations and forums in the Asia‐Pacific region and beyond;

8. Invite the APPF Executive Committee to communicate the results of each APPF Annual Meeting to other inter‐parliamentary bodies, such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Inter‐Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA), ParlAmericas and the Inter‐Parliamentary Union (IPU); and

9. Prioritise initiatives that can help strengthen parliamentary capacity in the Asia‐Pacific region, bearing in mind enhancing the role of parliamentarians in fostering democratic accountability and in promoting representative, accessible, effective and transparent institutions at the national level.


Resolution on Parliamentary Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region

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