Resolution on Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region through the Digital Economy


25th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-19 January 2017

Resolution on Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region through the Digital Economy


(Sponsored by Malaysia)

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Asia‐Pacific Parliamentary Forum;

Recalling Resolution APPF24/RES.09 which was adopted in January 2016 during the 24th Annual Meeting of the APPF in Vancouver, Canada on fostering and strengthening connectivity towards economic integration and shared prosperity in the Asia‐Pacific region;

Noting the outcome of the 24th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in November 2016 which commits APEC Member Economies to continue substantive work that explores ways in reducing barriers and identifying best practices to facilitate digital trade;

Bearing in mind the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 8 to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all by creating the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs that stimulate the economy while not harming the environment;

Recognising the World Bank's "World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends" which proposes investing in the "analogue complements" of the digital economy and for workers to adopt skills to get the most out of the digital revolution;

Convinced of the importance of enhancing and promoting digital trade as it is an integral part of our lives in the world today and new digital technologies are transforming how we live, communicate, learn, work, and engage with each other;

Acknowledging that rapid technological developments, societal changes and dynamic new business models are enriching and enlarging the contribution of digital technologies that make up the digital economy;

Understanding that new technologies may lead to new markets and formation of new business partnerships in various sectors such as health, education and transport sectors;

Realising that the borderless world of the digital economy may enhance opportunities for potential businesses in developed, developing and emerging markets across the globe in which micro, small and medium‐sized enterprises (MSMEs) may participate;

Emphasising the importance of connecting educators with employers to reduce the gaps in educational systems' and skills development programmes' responsiveness to changing industry needs; and

Underlining that the APPF is an effective platform for a parliamentary dialogue on economic and trade matters of the Asia‐Pacific region as well as for strengthening cooperation and understanding between stakeholders of the Member States;


1. Affirm all APPF Member States’ aspirations towards balanced, inclusive, sustainable, innovative, and secure growth in the region as envisaged in the 2010 APEC Growth Strategy, and in line with the 2014 APEC Accord on Innovative Development, Economic Reform and Growth, as well as the 2015 APEC Strategy for Strengthening Quality Growth which bring greater focus to the importance of pursuing quality growth in Asia‐Pacific economies by 2020;

2. Call for APPF Member States to enhance collaboration among policy makers, regulators and digital industry players in identifying and promoting the establishment and application of international good practices to facilitate the development of digital economy, including but not limited to areas such as regulatory approaches, standards for enabling cross‐market interoperability, promotion of initiatives to enhance trust in digital services and online transactions and many others;

3. Encourage APPF Member States to foster a conducive environment that enables all stakeholders to benefit from digital globalisation and connectivity including through providing quality and affordable internet services and narrowing the digital divide in society, and which empower better and faster access to resources and market information, especially for those in rural communities which directly and indirectly serve as a support mechanism to advance sustainable and inclusive economic development in the Asia‐Pacific region;

4. Promote a comprehensive approach that includes policies, partnership and research to encourage development for new MSMEs to catalyse the proliferation of innovative digital business models which support the sustainable economic development and growth; and

5. Recommend APPF Member States to strongly promote education and training in digital talent development that encourages innovative culture and creativity amongst future generations consistent with digital competencies.


Resolution on Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region through the Digital Economy

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