Resolution on Promoting Good Governance and Strengthening Anti-Corruption Measures in the Asia-Pacific


25th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-19 January 2017

Resolution on Promoting Good Governance and Strengthening Anti-Corruption Measures in the Asia-Pacific


(Sponsored by Indonesia)

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Asia‐Pacific Parliamentary Forum:

Deeply concerned by the grievous threats of corruption as an insidious plague that has a wide range of corrosive effects on societies. It undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to violations of human rights, distorts markets, erodes the quality of life and allows organised crime, terrorism and other threats to human security to flourish. This can be seen by the surge of Arab Spring and other conflicts caused by people power movements;

Fully aware that implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is closely related to the fight against corruption at all levels especially to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions;

Recalling the APPF Resolution on Building Inter‐parliamentary Network on Anti‐Corruption adopted at the 24th APPF Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, in 2016, the APPF Resolution on Inter‐Parliamentary Cooperation to Prevent and Fight Corruption adopted at the 22nd APPF Annual Meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 2014 and other relevant APPF resolutions;

Reaffirming the APEC Ministerial Meeting 2016 Declaration on Anti‐Corruption which committed to denying safe havens for corrupt officials and their proceeds of corruption;

Further reaffirming the APEC 2016 Leaders’ Declaration which encourages all economies to implement critical anti‐corruption actions, with a specific focus on bribery of domestic and foreign public officials;

Welcoming the 2016 Lima Statement of APEC Anti‐Corruption and Transparency Experts'
Working Group on fighting bribery and corruption to enhance environment and human security; and

Noting the importance of promoting good governance and strengthening anti‐corruption actions led by parliamentarians in the Asia‐Pacific region as the representatives of the people;   


1. Encourage parliamentary participation on promoting good governance principles in the work of parliamentarians;

2. Support inter‐parliamentary movements on anti‐corruption conducted at global, regional, and bilateral levels including through global organisations of anti‐corruption for parliamentarians such as the Global Parliamentary Network Against Corruption (GOPAC);

3. Enhance the promotion of democracy and good governance to reduce the gap between Members of Parliaments (MPs) and constituents, involve more people in decision‐making processes and create a transparent mechanism to formulate public policy and legislation;

4. Recommend parliaments of the APPF Member States to develop legislation to strengthen anti‐corruption actions in each nation and establish mechanisms to strengthen anti‐corruption measures at the regional level;

5. Encourage appropriate legislation and foster international collaboration to freeze stolen assets, including through the adoption and the implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). It also encouraged its members to foster cooperation with civil society organisations and media to uphold the principles of democracy;

6. Request parliaments of the APPF Member States to make concerted efforts to implement SDG 16 to establish transparent and accountable institutions;

7. Further request parliaments of the APPF Member States to fight bribery to domestic and foreign public officials through the enactment of laws, transparent budgeting process and monitoring implementation of government programmes;

8. Advocate for the development of tools to strengthen parliamentary inclusiveness, access to information, accountability and transparency that would encourage increased civil society partnership in the democratic process;

9. Endorse the transnational institutionalisation of the battle against grand corruption and organised crime, according with the respective definitions of the UN conventions and in this sense, take into account the existence of the campaign for the creation of the Latin American and Caribbean Court Against Transnational Organised Crime (COPLA), opening the floor for the study and debate of such an important matter;

10. Endorse the use of legal actions to pursue perpetrators of grand corruption and stress the need to strengthen international cooperation in facilitating the return of stolen assets to those harmed by corruption;

11. Encourage parliaments of the APPF Member States to enact appropriate legislation and collaborate internationally for rapid response to freezing stolen assets;

12. Encourage parliaments of the APPF Member States to use Common Ethical Principles for Members of Parliament which outline both prescriptive rules and aspirational principles to be included in a parliamentary code of conduct or ethics;

13. Strengthen the capacity, engagement, and mechanisms for parliamentary oversight of national resources including development aid, in both donor and recipient countries, to ensure that national resources and aid are managed effectively and with integrity to attain national development priorities, with specific reference to the SDGs;

14. Strengthen parliamentary committees of the APPF Member States that deal with multi‐billion dollar procurement processes;

15. Enact legal frameworks and strengthen the implementation of policies that promote gender equality, perspective and non‐discrimination against all women and girls in non‐traditional issues;

16. Call on parliaments of the APPF Member States to strengthen gender statistic collection that is disaggregated to assist in the making of policies, planning, budget allocation, monitoring and evaluation of gender equality measures;

17. Encourage parliaments of the APPF Member States to increase funding to transform unequal gender norms in particular in access to education;

18. Encourage parliaments of the APPF Member States to adopt legislation that puts limits on excessive spending by electoral candidates and political parties with the principle of transparency and accountability, Sixth Global Conference Of Parliamentarians Against Corruption YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA; and

19. Advocate parliaments of the APPF Member States to implement innovative practices to mitigate corruption within electioneering campaign financing.


Resolution on Promoting Good Governance and Strengthening Anti-Corruption Measures in the Asia-Pacific

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