Resolution on Strengthening Systems of Border Control and Monitoring to Combat Human and Drug Trafficking


25th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
15-19 January 2017

Resolution on Strengthening Systems of Border Control and Monitoring to Combat Human and Drug Trafficking


(Sponsored by Malaysia and Mexico)

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Asia‐Pacific Parliamentary Forum:

Recalling Resolutions APPF21/RES.01and APPF22/RES.01 on “Political and Security Matters in Asia Pacific” which was held in Vladivostok, Russia in January 27‐31, 2013 and in Puerto  Vallarta, Mexico in January 12‐16, 2014 respectively;

Recalling and reiterating the 2016 UNSC Resolution 2320 that cooperation with regional and  sub‐regional organisations in matters relating to the maintenance of peace and security,  and consistent with Chapter VIII of the Charter of the UN, can improve collective security;

Considering the UN Convention Against Transnational Organised Crime and the Protocols to  Prevent, Suppress and Punish Human Trafficking, especially for Women and Children; 

Recognising the importance of upholding the rule of law and principles of international law in  the maintenance of peace, security and political stability for a peaceful society and  protection against the menace of human and drug trafficking;

Emphasising that good systems of border control and monitoring are safeguards to APPF  Member States’ political, social and economic stability and security from harm brought  about by human and drug trafficking;

Expressing grave concern at the increase of illicit drug related activities and human trafficking  around the world and that the systems of border control and monitoring might be  jeopardised and threatened by drug cartels and syndicated human trafficking; and

Stressing the equal importance of strengthening systems of border control and monitoring by  sea, land and air or a combination of one or all of the said controls;


1. Call upon parliaments of the APPF Member States to fully engage with their  community in dispersing knowledge and information on the importance of good practices of border control and monitoring against the related menace of human and  drug trafficking;

2. Urge APPF Member States to adopt cutting‐edge technology to strengthen their systems  of border control and monitoring to counter all activities of human and drug trafficking;

3. Increase cooperation through the exchange of best practices to fight terrorism,  particularly those practices that support the fight against terrorism and enable benefits  from safe trade;

4. Improve databases, strengthen laws and use ICTs to fight traffickers, defend their  victims and penalise the fabrication of identity documents;

5. Foster cooperation amongst APPF Member States on expertise and techniques of border  control and monitoring of criminal elements of transnational crimes, especially human  and drug trafficking, by connecting conventional and modern technology and taking into  account that conventional manual “pat‐downs” for air security systems are by far the  best of those procedures implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organisation  (ICAO);

6. Strongly urge APPF Member States to deploy qualified and efficient personnel to  strengthen and secure border control systems and monitor to ensure their effectiveness;

7. Continue preserving alertness by APPF Member States against any forms of potential  corruption and fraudulent practices by the public, organisations and enforcement  agencies to continue maintaining a high level of transparency and integrity of the borders  security systems;

8. Synergise a “Whole‐of‐Government Approach” among APPF Member States through  the engagement, communication, coordination, cooperation, sharing and integration of  actions for stronger legal frameworks and competent relevant enforcement agencies to  strengthen systems of border control and monitoring to combat human and drug trafficking;

9. Recognise the need for APPF Member States to adopt a universal and harmonised  answer against human trafficking, with the implementation of integral strategies for  fighting this phenomenon as well as relying on legislation that penalises money  laundering derived from human trafficking and always based on respect for human  rights;

10. Support techniques on capacity and cross‐border cooperation among border security  agencies to neutralise transnational crime within the Asia‐Pacific region, especially drug  and human trafficking;

11. Call upon APPF Member States to continue developing action plans and standard  operating procedures that result in sharing, integration and rapidly responding to  information, knowledge and know‐how to counter elements and activities related to  drug and human trafficking, and thereby enhance border control systems and  monitoring; and

12. Urge APPF Member States to allocate resources to strengthen border control and  monitoring systems to combat drug and human trafficking.


Resolution on Strengthening Systems of Border Control and Monitoring to Combat Human and Drug Trafficking

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