Resolution on the Role of the APPF in Promoting the Partnership for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth in the Asia-Pacific


26th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
18-21 January 2018

Resolution on the Role of the APPF in Promoting the Partnership for Sustainable Development and inclusive growth in the Asia-Pacific


(Sponsored by Viet Nam and Japan)

The 26th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF):

Recalling the New Tokyo Declaration of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) in 2012, affirming APPF's commitment to play a role in the development of a more peaceful and stable international community;

Emphasizing the strategic and economic importance of the Asia-Pacific region which accounts for approximately 40% of the world’s population, approximately 60% of its gross domestic product, and the majority of its trade.

Re-emphasizing that the racial, ethnic, traditional, cultural, religious, linguistic and political diversities among the countries that characterize the Asia-Pacific region should receive affirmative recognition as strengths;

Recognizing that parliamentary diplomacy serves to complement traditional diplomacy as a means of building mutual trust and promoting the exchange of information not ordinarily obtained through official diplomatic channels.

Acknowledging the Annual APPF Resolutions in recent years about the role of APPF parliaments in promoting the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals;

Holding in high regard the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015 and agenda items on inclusive growth at cooperation development forums in recent years;

Affirming the goal of sustainable development is to meet the demands of today without sacrificing the long term interests of future generations; that inclusive growth is aimed at everyone, taking into account the interest and participation of every citizens from which inequality can be addressed and people can contribute and benefit from sustainable economic development;

Appreciating greatly the fact that, since its post–Cold War creation in 1993, the APPF has for a quarter of a century provided parliamentarians of sovereign states located in the Asia-Pacific region with continuous opportunities for candid and constructive dialogue, thereby contributing significantly to the strengthening of relationships between Member States as well as to the peace, stability and prosperity
of the region;

Welcoming that, with the growth of the number of official Member States from 14 to 27 up to the present time, the APPF has developed into a full-fledged international parliamentary forum that encompasses the Asia-Pacific region;

Applauding important advances in parliamentary diplomacy particularly multilateral global and regional parliamentary diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific, which has helped to build confidence, mutual understanding, expand dialogues in a constructive and cooperative spirit;

Welcoming the outcomes of 25th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Viet Nam in 2017 and the Da Nang Declaration which reaffirmed member economies' commitment to jointly promote innovative growth, inclusive development and sustainable employment;

Reaffirming the centrality of APPF in inter-parliamentary activities in the Asia-Pacific, in fostering closer cooperation among member parliaments, promoting dialogue towards a common aim of peace, cooperation and sustainable development;

Wishing member parliaments participated in deeper, more comprehensive and substantive engagements in regional and global issues from a parliamentary approach, promote synergy with governments to realize commitments related to sustainable development;

Encouraged by the UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/70/298 on 25 July 2016 on Interaction between the United Nations, national parliaments and Inter- Parliamentary Union increasing exchanges between the UN and national parliaments, multilateral parliamentary mechanisms including the Interparliamentary Union and the multitude of international documents acknowledging the contribution of parliaments to current international issues and existing multilateral mechanisms.


  1. Commit to develop a responsible parliamentary partnership towards a common future of the Asia-Pacific community for peace, stability, innovation, connectivity and sustainable development.
  2. Affirm that the APPF plays an extremely significant role as a forum for dialogue among parliamentarians who strive to share an awareness of problems and proactively propose solutions from a global viewpoint in achieving peace, stability, and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. Call on APPF member parliaments to encourage their Governments to initiate individual roadmaps and propose ideas to realize commitments aimed at sustainable and inclusive growth, including the 2030 sustainable development agenda, the Paris agreement on Climate Change, and the APEC Action Agenda on Promoting economic, financial and social inclusion.
  4. Strengthen mainstreaming of sustainable development goals and inclusive growth into parliaments' legislative agendas and oversight over action of the Governments.
  5. Urge APPF member parliaments to continue to strengthen exchanges, share experience, develop a common database to jointly refer to the experience of national parliaments in implementing SDGs, ensuring inclusive growth for the good of all.
  6. Reconfirm the commitment of the APPF Member States to promoting regional cooperation in accordance with the three ideals of tolerance, moderation, and mutual support, by affirmatively recognizing the diversity of the Asia-Pacific region as a strength and learning from mutual experiences.
  7. Call upon parliamentarians of the APPF Member States to recognize that the Asia-Pacific countries form a community bound by a common destiny and to promote continuously regional cooperation for overcoming economic disparity, food, natural resources, energy, disaster risk reduction, terrorism, infectious diseases, climate changes, and other issues that affect the region as a whole.
  8. Encourage parliamentarians of the APPF Member States to recognize that tendencies toward disintegration that have been observed in some parts of the international community pose a threat to global relations and to share an awareness of the importance of promoting integration rather than pursuing one’s own interests in achieving peace, stability, and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.
  9. Encourage all the APPF Member States to attend Annual Meetings on a regular basis, noting that continuous dialogue among parliamentarians of the Asia-Pacific region is important for solving problems faced by the region.
  10. Call upon parliamentarians of the APPF Member States to share the knowledge and experiences that they have gained through attending various international parliamentary meetings and bilateral relationships on the occasion of APPF Annual Meetings.
  11. Call for strengthened synergy and partnership between APPF and regional and international mechanisms, including the IPU, AIPA, the UN, APEC, ASEAN and PBEC. Welcome further sharing of information between the APPF and the above mentioned mechanisms towards development of a strategic vision to contribute to consolidating peace, stability and prosperity in the region.
  12. Urge the APPF to continue to focus on regional issues, promote reform processes to better adapt to the speedy changes of the regional and international scene, continue to play on the role of parliamentary diplomacy as a supplementary channel to effectively implement cooperation efforts with other regional mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific, including APEC.
  13. Share the recognition that, in the context of multi-tiered frameworks like APEC, the East Asia Summit, ASEAN+3, and ASEAN as well as the close economic integration proposed by Trans-Pacific Partnerships and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnerships, the APPF should play an important role in building a comprehensive framework for cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region that encompasses all aspects of international relationships, including politics, security, environment, and the economy.
  14. Being resolved to continue to address the challenges faced by the Asia-Pacific region and the International Community in resolving these issues by promoting closer cooperative relationships through the framework of the APPF.
  15. Being resolved again, even in the midst of changing circumstance in the international community and the Asia-Pacific region, to promote non-exclusive cooperation through open dialogue while respecting the universal values of peace, freedom, democracy, and basic human rights, in accordance with three ideals that have been nurtured in this region throughout the years namely, tolerance, moderation and mutual support./.


Resolution on the Role of the APPF in Promoting the Partnership for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth in the Asia-Pacific

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