Resolution on Food Security


20th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
8-12 January 2012

Resolution on Food Security



(Co-Sponsored by Australia and Mexico)


Reaffirming its previous resolutions on food security in the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum;

Recognizing that food security is a critical global issue posing significant economic, political, social, environmental and broader security challenges, and the need for stable economic performance in the region;

Recognizing the right of everyone to have access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food and water;

Concerned that the current number of food insecured in the world is estimated to be approximately one billion, and with world population forecast to reach 9.3 billion by 2050 (UN projection), an increase of 70 per cent in global food production will be needed;

Considering that the potential impact of global warming and climate change would result in more severe, frequent weather events and higher temperatures that could have adverse impacts on agriculture and food production;

Considering the impact of other factors on global food demand and supply including decline in available fertile land and water resources, the use of crops for non-food purposes, urbanisation and distorted markets;

Recalling the repercussions from the 2007-2008 global food price spike, which caused economic, social and political disruption for many developing countries, and noting the resurgence of some food commodity prices since mid-2010;

Recognizing that a comprehensive approach is required to improve global food security involving international, regional and national efforts;

Stressing that multilateral reform of global agriculture and food markets is essential both for improving global food security, and equally for boosting the overall economic development of many developing countries, which is key to improve incomes and food purchasing power;

Emphasising that open, fair and well-functioning domestic and international markets will spur new investment, create new opportunities for growth in food output and help improve farmers’ incomes especially in developing countries;

Stressing the importance of boosting sustainable agricultural productivity to meet current and future requirements, and therefore the need for increased investment in agricultural infrastructure development and research;

Taking into account the spread of food-related diseases due to unhygienic conditions and the use of chemical residues in them;


1. Promote international and regional efforts in addressing food security challenges by linking production, processing and food intake to satisfy the needs of the population as essential to sustainable growth and development in the Asia-Pacific region.

2. Urge states with access to the Pacific Ocean to adopt conservation, maintenance and sustainability of fishery resources and encourage the use of aquaculture.

3. Endorse the APEC 2010 Niigata Declaration on Food Security, the G20’s “Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture,” the Commonwealth Heads of Government’s “Perth Declaration on Food Security Principles,” and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.

4. Support multilateral reform of global agricultural and food markets to improve opportunities for developing country farmers to supply local and world markets.

5. Promote effective and efficient collaboration between multilateral organisations, donors and national governments to improve food security including through improved agricultural production systems, storage, waste reduction, elimination of post-harvest losses, transportation and marketing.

6. Encourage members of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) to boost agricultural education, research and development, and public and private funds in the production of food in their respective countries;

7. Promote technical, scientific and technological cooperation, in order to increase agricultural productivity growth in the region, as well as to promote sustainable farming and fishery practices.

8. Support regional efforts for poverty reduction and strengthening of food security as a key part of sustainable regional growth.


Resolution on Food Security

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