8APPF Agenda

8th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
8-14 January 2000



I Political and Security Issues in the Asia Pacific Region and International Situation
A Review of the 6th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)
Revitalization of ARF - Report by Singapore

B Sub-regional Issues
(1) East Timor
(2) Korea Peninsula
(3) Nuclear and Missile Proliferation in Asian Region
(4) Others

C International Issues
(1) Former Yugoslavia (Kosovo)
(2) Others

II Regional Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region
A Stabilization of Economy and Further Promotion of Regional Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region
(1) Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) New Zealand Meeting - Report by New Zealand
(2) Economic Situation in APPF Member States and Their Efforts Towards Economic Recovery
(3) Reform of International Financial Architecture
(4) Debt Relief for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries

B International Cooperation on the Global Issues
(1) Environment
(2) Computer Issues
(3) Drugs and Money Laundering
(4) International Security, including Terrorism, Small Arms, Anti-Personnel Land Mines and International Organised Crime

C Cooperation in Other Fields
(1) The Current Status of the Asia Pacific Open Information Network Technology (APOINT 2001) - Report by Peru
(2) Future Agenda Items

III Convening of the 9th Annual Meeting



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