10APPF Agenda

10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
6-9 January 2002


I. Terrorism

II. Economics and Trade
A. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): A Report from China

B. Economics: Economic Growth in an Era of Globalization

  • Restarting global economic growth
  • New World Trade Organization (WTO) round
  • Bilateral and regional trade agreements and their regional implications
  • Regional financial cooperation
  • Regional exchange rate and currency issues

III. Politics and Security
A. ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF): A Report from Vietnam

B. Politics: International Dimensions

  • Korean Peninsula
  • Cooperative maritime management

C. Security: International Dimensions

  • Internal conflicts/insurgencies

IV. Environmental Outlook

A. Environmental Issues With Emphasis on Global Warming

  • International cooperation on proceeding with the Kyoto Protocol
  • Coral reef management and coastal zones
  • Forestry and fishery conservation
  • Air pollution control

B. Disaster Management and Preparedness

  • Regional cooperation

V. Information Technology and Education

A. Information Technology (IT)

  • Government’s role in IT industry
  • Narrowing the digital divide
  • Financing the IT industry
  • The future of regional IT parks

B. Education

  • Government’s role in innovation and creativity
  • New educational needs in an era of globalization
  • Public education: autonomy, financing, accessibility

VI. Asia Pacific Cooperation

A. Delegates can discuss topics/resolutions that do not fall under the other topics

B. Future parliamentary cooperation

  • Future of APEC process
  • Subregional organizations: ASEAN, ASEAN + 3, Organization of American States (OAS)
  • Future of APPF

VII. Election of President of APPF

VIII. Convening of the 11th General Meeting

IX. Approval of Joint Communiqué





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