13APPF Agenda

13th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
10-13 January 2005


I: Political and Security Issues
a. Political and Security Situation of the Asia - Pacific Region and the World
b. International Terrorism
c. Sub-regional Issues
- Korean Peninsula
- Middle East Peace Process
- Others

II Economic and trade issues
a. World and Regional Economic Situation
b. APEC - 2004: Report by the Republic of Chile
c. Globalization and Cooperation to Promote a New Round of WTO Negotiations
d. Reinforcement of the Bilateral and Multilateral Economic Partnerships

III Asia - Pacific Cooperation in Addressing Regional Issues of General Interest
a. Environment
b. Infectious Diseases (in light of the re-emergence of bird-flu)
c. Resources for Sustainable Development
d. Transnational Crimes
e. Exchange and Cooperation among Cultures.

IV Future Works of the APPF
Venue of the 14th Annual Meeting

Adoption of the Joint Communiqué



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