Resolution related to the Role of President


28th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
13-16 January 2020

Resolution related to the Role of President


(As agreed by the Executive Committee on 15 January 2020)

The 28th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum:

Noting the 28th Annual Meeting has resolved to consider amending the APPF Rules of Procedure to provide for the new role of President, with the objective of having a single President to advocate for and advise the APPF:


1. Appoint a President for the period until the conclusion of APPF29 in 2021, noting that the President shall serve in an advisory capacity and shall promote the role of the APPF as an international parliamentary forum;

2. Request the President and the Executive Committee to:
a) investigate ongoing resourcing of the APPF;
b) review the relevant Rules of Procedure; and
c) report on both matters to APPF29 in 2021;

3. Amend rule 12 to read:
The Chairman of the meeting shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee; and

4. Appoint the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Australia, as the President in the first instance.


Resolution related to the Role of President

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