General Information

10APPF General Information

10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
6-9 January 2002

General Information

The following information summarizes arrangements for participation in the 10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

Registration materials have been mailed to members. All delegations are requested to complete and return the Registration Form to the 10th Annual Meeting of the APPF Secretariat by November 15, 2001. Membership of a delegation will be limited to a maximum of ten parliamentarians.

Hotel expenses and travel costs to and from the Annual Meeting are the responsibility of participants. The costs of necessary transportation associated with the official meeting will be borne by the East-West Center.

Draft resolutions and theme papers
Participating delegations are kindly requested to forward to the Secretariat no later than November 15, 2001 a copy of their draft resolutions, theme papers and written comments for submission to the Annual Meeting.

Visa Requirements
Please contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate regarding visa requirements and documentation to enter the United States.

Meeting Venue
Meeting rooms for the APPF will be located on the second floor of the Tapa Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village located at 2005 Kalia Road. (For additional registration forms please contact the secretariat.)

Delegates will be staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Registration forms and information on room rates have been mailed to members. (For additional registration forms please contact the secretariat.)

Delegates are requested to provide the Secretariat with arrival and departure information. Should any changes occur, please notify the Secretariat for the meeting at the earliest opportunity.

Accompanying Person(s)
Delegates are welcome to bring an accompanying person(s) to the meeting. The primary accompanying person will be included in all social engagements for the annual meeting. A spousal program is also being planned. Further information will be available upon registration for the meeting.

Upon your arrival at the hotel, delegates will be provided with an information packet containing brochures about Hawaii and the meeting.

English will be the official language of the Annual Meeting. Simultaneous interpretation for Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish will be provided for all sessions as indicated on the program. Delegations are responsible for bringing interpreters who can translate from English to their language for all other activities. Please inform the Secretariat if you will be bringing your own interpreters.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is recommended.

Clothing and Climate
Dress in Hawaii is comfortable and casual (sport shirts for men, dress or slacks for women). Your own country's attire is acceptable. Average Honolulu temperatures are approximately 27o Celsius during the day and about 21o Celsius in the evening.

Other Information on Hawaii
These Web sites and their contents are not endorsed by APPF or East-West Center. They are provided as a convenience and a resource for attendees:

Attendee Resources
Asian Pacific Parliamentary Forum
East-West Center
Visitor Resources
State of Hawaii
Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau
The Garden Island (Kauai Daily)
Honolulu Advertiser (Daily)
Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Daily)
Maui News (Daily)
Pacific Business News (Weekly)
West Hawaii Today (Big Island Daily)
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Weather 

Gratuities (Tipping)
Gratuities or tipping for services such as for service received in a restaurant or to a taxi driver are common in the United States. The standard amount of a tip is usually 10%-15% of the service provided. Tipping is not automatic, therefore you should always receive change for a bill that you have paid unless you gave the exact amount or unless you specified that the waitress or taxi driver should keep the change. In Waikiki, some hotels assess a service charge when eating in a restaurant.

If you have been charged such a fee, you do not need to leave a tip.

Secretariat Contact
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
East-West Center
1601 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96848-1601
Tel: 808-944-7267
Fax: 808-944-7106



General Information

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