Report of the Technological Working Group

13APPF TWG Report

13th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
10-13 January 2005

Report of the Technological Working Group

12 January, 2005  

  1. The Technological Working Group (TWG) met at 2.00 pm on Tuesday 12 January. The object of the meeting was to consider the future role of the Group and to consider ways of improving the APPF Internet and other ICT related activities.
  2. The following persons attended: Hon. Nguyen Ngoc Tran (Vietnam), Senator Mario Rios Santander (Chile), Hon. Masamitsu Naito (Japan), Ms. Thavisay Phasathanh (Laos PDR), Ms. Nutthamol Pongroj (Thailand), Prof. Yasuhide Yamanouchi (Japan), Ms. Catharine Cornish (Australia), Mr. Nguyen Chi Dzung (Vietnam), Mr. Nghiem Phong Vu (Vietnam), Mr. Nguyen Trong Ky (Vietnam), Ms. Elvira Dianti (Indonesia), and Mr. Tatang Sutharsa (Indonesia).
  3.  Hon. Nguyen Ngoc Tran from Vietnam was confirmed as Chair.
  4. The meeting commenced with delegates reading the report of the Technological Working Group meeting in Beijing in 2004.  It was agreed that a Report of the 2005 meeting would be made to the plenary on 13 January and that the report should be part of the Joint Communiqué.
  5. A draft mission statement of the TWG was distributed. The topics of discussion by the TWG in this year was as the follows;
    • continuous web operation;
    • activities linking to international networks of natural disaster relief, for example, Asian Disaster Reduction Center(ADRC) in Kobe, Japan;  (
    • operation report from each country and mutual learning of the best practices;
               #  video broadcast of committee and storage of streaming media;
               #  English translation of legislative materials;
               #  machine translations to English and among non-English  languages;
    • congress person’s international e-mail directory;
    • mailing list and groupware for APPF congressional person and Working Groups.
  6. The TWG has met at each annual meeting of the APPF for at least nine years. This year, the TWG confirmed that all APPF member country’s legislature bodies now operate web sites and put certain legal information on them.  We agreed that this achievement should be noticed and be included in the TWG Report.  TWG also acknowledged that we should take this opportunity to ask parliamentarians endorsing ICT activities at their legislative bodies and continuously support those divisions that operate web-sites and related ICT activities.
  7. The meeting addressed the issue of hosting the general APPF website.  This website has been hosted by Peru from 1999 to the present (with a gap of more than a year during which the website was not updated). The meeting expressed its appreciation of the great contribution made by Peru to this important APPF service. The website has been the means by which the work of the APPF is publicized and made available to member parliaments and others interested in the subject matter of the Forum. It was agreed that the Chair of the TWG should write to the Peru Parliament to express the gratitude of the group.
  8. A resolution was passed in 2004 to the effect that each annual meeting would confirm which country would host the general APPF website until the next annual meeting. Peru has again offered to take on this role and the offer was gratefully accepted by the meeting.
  9. The host of each annual meeting also establishes a website for the annual meeting. There should be a link to the general APPF website as well as information about the arrangements for the annual meeting. The meeting agreed that it would be useful if each annual meeting website could be established by August preceding the annual meeting.  The digitalized contents of the annual meeting should be transferred to the APPF main web-site by the time when the web-site of the host of each annual meeting be closed in order to accumulate the APPF document materials properly and made them available for general public in international society.  Host countries needing advice on their annual meeting websites will be assisted by the TWG members.   
  10. TWG received a report and short presentation from IT Board of the National Assembly Office of Vietnam about the host country’s web site which is nicely operated in these  04 months.
  11. The TWG will meet again during the 14th APPF annual meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Chairman of the Technological Working Group in 2005
Nguyen Ngoc Tran


Discussion of  Proposed Mission Statement by the Technological Working Group (TWG)


The Technological Working Group of the APPF has taken responsibility during past APPF meetings to ensure the website is modern, accessible and up to date and that there is a mechanism for member countries to promote the work of the APPF resolutions and to have a point of communication.  As well, the website is important for the general promotion of the work and efforts of the APPF.

At this, the 13th meeting of the APPF we propose:

  1. that the APPF continue to have a website that is accessible, timely and contains the material of past APPF meetings;
  2. the website is increasingly important for communication and administrative purposes;
  3. that the host country for an APPF meeting may create a website for the purposes of informing member countries about the APPF meeting they are hosting and for holding the material of the APPF meeting that they host. The host country should establish the website in August of the year preceding the annual meeting and maintain it until the April following the annual meeting;
  4. the procedures for host countries should be clearly laid out; including their responsibility for promoting the APPF meeting they are hosting and the updating of their website after the meeting they host, and the transmission of this material to the member country hosting the APPF website and to the TWG, along with responding to any inquiries;
  5. confirmation of the person responsible for web content from the member country hosting the next APPF meeting should be provided to the member country who hosts the APPF website and to the TWG i.e. Indonesia to inform Peru and TWG advisor;
  6. the responsible person to hand-over materials from the 13th meeting held in Ha Long to Peru:(contact in Vietnam:, Mr. Nghiem Phong Vu ; contact in Peru:, Mr Juan Gotelli, APPF Website Administrator, Peruvian Congress).  TWG  Dr. Yasuhide Yamanouchi, Technology Advisor, Japanese Delegation;
  7. the TWG encourages all member countries to do the following relating to the Internet activities of the APPF:
    • Check the link of the Parliament’s website (Home page) of your country from;   If the link is not correct please inform Peru and TWG advisor of the correct URL.
    • Set up an APPF website for your country's use in your own language (if not English); while materials need to be translated it should contribute to the promotion of the APPF in each country.


Report of the Technological Working Group

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